01-29-13 07:54 AM
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  1. 2c's Avatar
    Go to options on your phone, now press letter "A"....now you should see "about device versions" ...click on that and really see if the os .714 is installed.
    if he is posting in .714 thread than he must have installed it.
    10-04-12 11:25 AM
  2. mrbillones's Avatar
    Hi Guys!
    i am newbie here. i just want to know the difference between OS vodafone UK and OS telenor serbia? as well as the leaked version. and which is better from the three OS?
    Sorry for too much questions. :P thank you guys!
    01-08-13 05:46 AM
  3. ProphetKyro's Avatar
    Hey there, there's no difference for the version, the .714 was a leak before it been released officially! And for the provider release, e.g.: i'm with Videotron and their version contains Illico. So provider's versions can contains customs and others things!
    01-17-13 11:23 AM
  4. SarahCindia's Avatar
    WoW. It looks quite slick!
    01-29-13 07:54 AM
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