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    Nearly all of the BlackBerry 7 devices have received a update, whether official or leaked. Today, the Torch 9850 has OS dropping for it. There’s no word on what is new in this build, so be sure to let us know what you might find.

    Download Torch 9850 OS from:


    Source: Leaked: BlackBerry Torch 9850 OS | N4BB - News for BlackBerry - forums, leaks, rumors, videos, faqs, reviews
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    04-02-12 10:23 AM
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    .340 has been installed for a couple of hours now. Everything seems to work very smoothly. No issue with all the apps I have. Camera and HD video work. Browsing is still very quick on wifi. Alarm and bedside mode work great.

    I noticed a difference in the speakphone. To me it seems much louder, which I have been waiting for since I got my torch. Before when talking I could barely hear the person while on speaker, but now it's loud and clear. Can anyone else please confirm what I'm hearing?

    Media Server option is now available in Network and Connection option.

    Seems like a solid build with strong cell signal.
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