03-16-11 02:06 AM
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  1. willyboy6's Avatar

    Bold 9650 OS

    After a quiet week last week and what seemed like the start to another quiet week, a OS has emerged for the Bold 9650! While the jump in app version is impressive, what strikes me as more significant is the large jump in platform. While the last few leaks and officials have been consistently around this OS sees a large jump to For those of you who are not familiar with this portion of the OS it is typically referred to as the radio and normally can make the biggest difference in fixing or enhancing a builds performance.

    I don't know about you, but I can't wait to load this build up on my Bold! As always, be sure to back up your data before installing. Let us know if you notice any specific changes!


    Source: N4BB.com
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    I guess the CDMA people needed some Leaked OS love too


    1. Uninstall any previous OS from your PC.
    2. Download OS to PC. Use Internet Explorer to do so, not Firefox or Chrome.*
    3. Following successful DL, run OS file to install OS on PC.
    4. On BB, go to BBM Options, scroll down to Backup section. Ensure Remote Backup is enabled AND also conduct a Local Backup to media card.
    5. Go through any 3rd party apps that have option to save settings to media card, and conduct Backup to media card from menu within each of these apps. (Examples: all Bellshare apps such as BerryBuzz & BerryWeather; QuickLaunch; Shao's apps such as Wallpaper Changer & SixTools; Show Me The Images; etc).
    6. Connect BB to PC. Open DM and backup device. Close DM.
    7. (Optional) Use desktop program like BBSAK or BBMCP to backup 3rd party apps.
    8. On PC, navigate to
      64-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and delete file therein called Vendor.
      32-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and delete file therein called Vendor.
    9. (Optional) Run Shrink-A-OS.
    10. In same AppLoader file where you deleted Vendor, double-click on Loader to initiate OS upgrade. Follow onscreen instructions.

    * This point about using IE doesn't matter so much with Leaked OS's, just official releases being downloaded from RIM's own site.
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  3. Wookie316's Avatar
    Let's hope we'll see a similar leak for the 9700 as well very soon.

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    02-07-11 04:13 PM
  4. Paullamm's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to see what the improvements are to the OS. Column view in the browser? Fixed week view in the calendar?
    02-07-11 04:28 PM
  5. Culex316's Avatar
    **** yeah!

    The jump in platform is also very promising...
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  6. neil154's Avatar
    Thanks for the instruction on how to install the leaked OS but your very first instruction says uninstall any previous OS from the PC. I could use help in know how to do that.
    02-07-11 04:57 PM
  7. tryfe's Avatar
    wo0t! Guess i'll be running straight .466 for a bit.
    02-07-11 04:57 PM
  8. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    This is a very exciting day! Upgrading now!
    02-07-11 05:03 PM
  9. acmecocktail's Avatar
    It could just be me, but it seems like RIM changed the names of the files that related to the intro video. Can't find them under their old names, and don't understand it enough to deduce the new ones.

    Can anyone help?
    02-07-11 05:09 PM
  10. powderbanks's Avatar
    Thanks for the instruction on how to install the leaked OS but your very first instruction says uninstall any previous OS from the PC. I could use help in know how to do that.
    go to your add/remove programs. and uninstall the blackberry DEVICE software. not the desktop manager software. then run the new .exe file. it's best to only have only the current version of the device software running on your machine

    waiting on reboot now...
    02-07-11 05:28 PM
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    Thanks for the instruction on how to install the leaked OS but your very first instruction says uninstall any previous OS from the PC. I could use help in know how to do that.
    There might be slight differences depending on your PC's OS. I'm on Windows 7.
    Open Start Menu, select Control Panel. Select Programs and Features. A list of software on your PC should populate.
    Look for BlackBerry Device Software (NOT Desktop). Single-click the BB Device Software to highlight it. At top of list, click Uninstall button.
    02-07-11 05:37 PM
  12. itsdollar's Avatar
    BBM is
    FB is same version
    BB Maps is
    Twitter is same version
    New browser startup page option:List view. Similar to OperaMini
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  13. Turbaru's Avatar
    So, any feedback from those that have loaded it? I have downloaded it, but waiting to hear how it is!
    02-07-11 05:55 PM
  14. alandavissc's Avatar
    splendid new browser open screen. very opera mini-esque.
    02-07-11 06:11 PM
  15. rryoung's Avatar
    anyone else having trouble loading this up. Im using app loader, and its taking forever to connect to my device
    02-07-11 06:14 PM
  16. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Here's another dl link, straight from my dropbox: If you use this hit the thanks button
    02-07-11 06:19 PM
  17. PJD642's Avatar
    Any word if the OS 5 ringtones are back, or if we have to download them again?

    And are the intro videos still names the same, or have they been renamed as suggested earlier? If so, new names?
    02-07-11 06:22 PM
  18. crim9311's Avatar
    So excited!!!

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    02-07-11 06:36 PM
  19. raysivley's Avatar
    I will download it, but I will give you guys a few days to determine how much if any memory leak is in this!

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    02-07-11 06:44 PM
  20. powderbanks's Avatar
    install went really fast. the only issue i seem to have is skype mobile. after a few battery pulls there are two 'skype mobile' icons in the app switcher. however the one doesn't have the actual skype logo and is 'skype_mobile' and won't close. i uninstalled it and am reinstalling now...maybe that'll fix it

    is the 'thumbnail view' new in the browser too? i probably won't use it, but pretty cool
    02-07-11 06:48 PM
  21. ffejie's Avatar
    I created a torrent (had to zip it to post it on Crackberry Forums). Feel free to download and seed. The original site was pretty slow.
    02-07-11 06:51 PM
  22. cdf3's Avatar
    Downloading it now. Going to give it a go.
    02-07-11 07:03 PM
  23. Nojo73's Avatar
    Downloading now
    02-07-11 07:08 PM
  24. SteveStrike's Avatar
    Crap... I just saw this and realized what I would spend part of my evening doing. Can't go all night knowing there is a leak I have not yet installed!
    02-07-11 07:14 PM
  25. dmben84's Avatar
    I didn't have any real complaints over .431 so we will see if .466 is any better. Doubtful we'll really notice anything though until we start getting towards the 6.1 os versions. I want the Montana (Touch Bold) now, please and thank you.
    02-07-11 07:17 PM
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