02-02-11 05:34 PM
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  1. jeffreii's Avatar

    From BBLeaks.com:
    Leaked: BlackBerry Pearl 9100 / 9105 OS Leaked Os BBLEAKS.COM

    The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and 9105 have not had much OS love. The last OS 6 build to hit was OS, which was not a very good build. Now, OS has dropped, and so far .418 builds seem to be pretty solid.

    Download Pearl 9100/9105 OS from:

    * RapidShare
    * MegaUpload
    * DepositFiles
    * HotFile
    * zShare
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    12-13-10 01:52 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Thanks installing now, like .344, it detected the update as being available directly from Desktop Manager running Windows XP SP3. Will post findings later
    12-13-10 03:48 PM
  3. eryanc's Avatar
    Wow! That was fast. Got the update up and running in less than 20 minutes This build seems faster that .344. SMS now sends properly and the cursor bug in messages is now fixed. The calculator interface is larger now. The app shortcuts from the homescreen initially didn't work but a simple battery pull did it. Will update some more as the day progresses. Thanks for this!
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    12-13-10 06:22 PM
  4. jugolic's Avatar
    just installed the new OS with the loader app (Vista x64). Success. will be testing over the next few days to see. will update as issues/resolutions come up.
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    12-13-10 07:47 PM
  5. jugolic's Avatar
    Initial inspection seems to show that i have more free internal memory, approx 20 megs more with this installation.
    12-13-10 07:54 PM
  6. eryanc's Avatar
    Yeah, it does have more free memory.

    Has anyone noticed that the SMS messages are slow to show up? I noticed this too on my 9700 with .418 installed
    12-13-10 07:59 PM
  7. jugolic's Avatar
    after first battery pull, when accessing messages, OS hung on "grouping messages", however 2nd pull fixed issue. Also, message highlight issue hasn't been resolved when i updated. Still same issue of when scrolling through history of messages, message not highlighted, only time stamp is updated.

    Cursor issue is fixed with SMS messages however for BBM messages i still don't know where i am in my history (same as before). Can anyone answer regarding this issue and if it's always been this way, i honestly don't recall OS5. and BBM cursors.
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    12-13-10 08:06 PM
  8. jugolic's Avatar
    Thus far all applications that i use have worked after upgrade exceint for Ping!
    Just had to reinstall Ping and it worked fine.

    No Issues with :
    Google Sync
    Google Chat
    Opera Mini
    Traffic eye
    Weather eye
    Memory Up
    12-13-10 08:46 PM
  9. dille_21's Avatar
    Ill be upgrading RIGHT now. Post back in a day or so.
    If anyone has any time, you should re-up this on mediafire so there isnt a waiting time.
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    12-13-10 08:56 PM
  10. rumirand's Avatar
    Just installed it, and it feels a lot faster, especially in the browser. I've got no other issues here. A recommended update.

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    12-13-10 09:36 PM
  11. jugolic's Avatar
    The issue where the browser had issues going to the next line in a text box has been resolved. I had this problem with the browser with the old leaked version when using facebook and various other sites while using the web browser.
    12-13-10 10:38 PM
  12. LOY80Y's Avatar
    just got home. finally an update that was needed for the pearl. thanks for sharing!
    12-14-10 02:39 AM
  13. sandris70's Avatar
    Can i install it without BIS activated? I've read yes, but i can't, i've tried with BBsak but it don't reconized the FW 6.0 installed.

    I have Windows XP, BBSak 1.9.1, and fw installed.
    12-14-10 06:28 AM
  14. zocster's Avatar
    So far so good, changing profile to vibrate with # still not working, other than that, browser seems to work ok out of the box. Will know more in a few days

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    12-14-10 07:53 AM
  15. andy957's Avatar
    Tried to upgrade my (Bell Mobility) 9100 to this build (from It is the first 6.0 upgrade on this phone (no other 6.x leaks installed).

    I have downloaded and installed the file from Rapidshare (and also tried Hotfile), deleted vendor.xml, opened DM 6, it detects the new OS, I click "Upgrade Device", then I get the error that "one or modules could not be resolved" and the install aborts.
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    12-14-10 08:57 PM
  16. zocster's Avatar
    What os are you running and did you remove the os 5 files from pc? Also may need to run ccleaner prior to os6 install

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    12-14-10 10:27 PM
  17. andy957's Avatar
    What os are you running and did you remove the os 5 files from pc? Also may need to run ccleaner prior to os6 install
    Thanks for the reply. Actually I found another thread on crackberry where others had the exact same problem, but with the 9700. The solution is to not use DM to do the upgrade, but to run loader.exe from Explorer instead. That worked great.
    12-14-10 10:51 PM
  18. LOY80Y's Avatar
    What os are you running and did you remove the os 5 files from pc? Also may need to run ccleaner prior to os6 install

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    easiest way is to backup your phone first.
    wipe using bbsak
    and install using loader or click on install OS on bbsak and follow instructions.

    so pretty much the same way you would when you upgrade to a newer version of os5 but best to wipe.

    havent had any issues doing it that way. already upgraded the 9700 bold and 9100 pearl fine.
    12-14-10 11:26 PM
  19. rohailsultan's Avatar
    BlackBerry Pearl 9105 - when OS6 will officially launch ?

    12-15-10 12:15 AM
  20. DHelman's Avatar
    I CFP'd my 9100 and used the BBHybridTool to launch the Application Loader and install.

    So far, I am very impressed with this build over the previous leak of 6.0. I had to downgrade from .344 because of GPS issues with BlackBerry Maps and Telenav.

    I've hit a few UI snags but performance-wise, nothing.
    12-15-10 12:18 AM
  21. aevilion's Avatar
    BlackBerry Pearl 9105 - when OS6 will officially launch ?

    Officially, in 2011, there is not specific date. But this leak works either 9100/9105 Pearl3G.
    12-15-10 03:30 AM
  22. avrilgreg's Avatar
    Downloaded today. So far very happy.
    12-15-10 04:01 PM
  23. jugolic's Avatar
    had an issue with some applications in .314 not being able to us the blackberry key to pull up a menu of options (send, switch) etc. seems to be resolved. Had this issue with ping! and google mail for the most part.

    still seems that the search function in google mail isn't' working. not sure if this is an OS issue or a gmail issue.

    also, no issue with sms not being able to send thus far!!
    12-15-10 04:58 PM
  24. jvice's Avatar
    hmmm i got a 605 error first boot and my DM cant not find my phone.. when it does find my phone my phone restarts any ideas ??
    12-15-10 06:29 PM
  25. soulibrium's Avatar
    i cant seem to apply new speed dial assignments to my contacts anymore with the new os418. anyone else having this problem?
    12-15-10 06:29 PM
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