02-09-11 10:40 AM
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  1. BerryBone's Avatar
    I have to say the thing that I adored a out OS6 before I downgraded was the battery life. It was absolutely phenomenal. The webkit browser was nice, but of course its a leak so there's plenty more work to be done. Whatever was done to make the battery life that efficient they need to leave it the same. Just fix the memory leak and the camera bugs and get us 9700 users an official version in the next few weeks. *Edit* Also did anyone notice that email on OS 6 that emails were pulled in a lot faster? They would come in faster than the emails on my iphone.
    12-07-10 09:27 AM
  2. Byor's Avatar
    Right now I'm wavering between two choices. I currently have .358 running on my device. It's been almost a week since I've installed it. The majority of my apps function properly on it with the exception of two, which I suspect aren't fully OS 6 compatible as yet. I love the interface and the smoothness of the transitions from one screen view to the next. The browser is miles better than the one on OS 5, and despite the occasional faulty page rendering on some websites, it is an enjoyable experience the majority of the time.

    However, that all being said, I do have issue with two things. The first is the constant memory leaks. Despite the battery pulls throughout the day, I've noticed them happening with increasing regularity. Even with something as simple as looking at a friend's BBM status picture, I'll experience the spinning clock which will cripple my phone for several seconds. At first it was bearable; now it's becoming more annoying.

    The other issue, and something also mentioned by others, is the battery life. Now prior to installing this leak, I was already having difficulty with battery drainage. I would start my day at say, 7am, with a 100% charge and by 9 or 10pm, be at almost 0%. I've noticed that .358 renders the same, if more severe, battery drainage, as by 6 or 7pm my battery was on the verge of dying. I'm not quite sure if I simply need a new battery or if it's a case of using this leak.

    So, at the end of the day, I'm wondering if it's worth keeping OS 6, where I'm enjoying the updated features (i.e. web-kit browser, etc.) but with a few "hiccups" as it were, or roll back to a tried and tested official OS 5 version, where I will have no issues at all (minus the OS 6 goodies). I have the latest official OS 5 version installed and ready to go. I may keep running .358 for a few more days before I decide to downgrade.
    You might want to try out BerryJoose first before downgrading. I have .358 running and do not have any problem at all. Everything is working as it should except for Compass that is not OS 6 compatible yet.
    12-07-10 09:49 AM
  3. Ms Bee's Avatar
    Upgraded Sunday from .344 to .358. I'm so pleased I did!

    My experience so far, much has already been noted but trying to lurk a little less in the background...

    Less battery drain than on .344
    I have more 10mb more memory (I'm running one extra app than before)
    Copy & Paste in SMS works
    BeWeather works which it didnt on .344. For me this is a biggy, it's my fave app.
    Social Feeds loads faster
    You Tube is now playing over WiFi this has never happened for me before
    Side scrolling seems smoother
    Top Scroll down for Manage Connections bug is fixed. The highlighted bar shows no matter how fast you scroll down the menu.
    @BerryBone - Yes! Faster emails. They seem to come through quicker. I thought it was just me being over excited!

    Still can't scan QR Codes. I found this a general problem since moving from OS5 to OS6
    Universal Search seems a little slower
    Geo-tagging on the camera seems to have disappeared
    Battery life is still less than on OS5 although I guess thats only to be expected

    I am pleased though that I did the upgrade the things that are the cons I found are really just little niggles - I can live with them!
    12-07-10 02:58 PM
  4. mkye86's Avatar
    Why hasnt this been posted to the blogs yet. :

    BerryReview: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Found Online

    I havent tried it yet!
    12-07-10 03:02 PM
  5. Ms Bee's Avatar
    What the....?!!! Love it!
    12-07-10 03:07 PM
  6. mkye86's Avatar
    Why hasnt this been posted to the blogs yet. :

    BerryReview: BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Found Online

    I havent tried it yet!

    Spoke to soon its already up. LOL

    GoodBye .358 thread.. Will be moving to the next.. See yall there..
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    12-07-10 03:07 PM
  7. mkye86's Avatar
    So rather than post a bunch of BS on how I'm no downloading or does it work. I got straight to business and bagan my trouble shooting. Here are my results:

    1. Backed up Settings using DM
    2. Backed up Apps Using BBSAK
    3. Wiped Device Using BBSAK
    4. Shrank Using BBHybridTools
    5. Manually deleted unwated CODs (e.g. unwanted fonts, Startup Video, Backgrounds etc.)
    6. Loaded OS using AppLoader.exe (everthing went smoothly as usual)
    114MB of App Storage Left, 1st boot was not as quick as before. 2nd boot was faster.

    As before I went ahead and recreated all the reasons why I went back to OS5. These were my findings:

    1. Cursor still does not appear in SMS, Have not tried BBM. As others have mentioned, these may just be a feature of OS6. (9780 Users what is ur input on this)

    2. Sign In to Bank of Amercia still isnt possible. (I heard wells fargo newest app wasnt working properly in the previous build either. Perhaps it as something to do w/ security)

    3. Bringing down the Notifications bar still lags the first time. then comes up right away after that. (This is completely bearable. I just read others complaining about this)

    4. QuickLaunch V2.20.2 will now allow me to SMS. (This right here will make me stay using This Leak, I'm Pretty sure.) will Try newest version in a few to see if this is also the case

    5. Pasting of License Keys still isnt Possible using BB Menu. (I tried with Berry Weather and MeterBerry, I'm thinking this is also some security issue) Shift+TrackPad will paste text here after copying from another source..

    6. The BB menu seems to have come back in 3rd Party Apps. Meaning you can now select pictures, files, contacts through 3rd Party apps. (Before BeWeather would not let me select a picture for my Background now it does. Before BerryBuzz would not allow me to select contacts to set custom led notifications now it does.) This will definitely make me stay using this version of OS6

    7. The Social Feeds issue, you still have to scroll down, push space, or lock and unlock but after performing one of these the txt appears right away. (No biggy I can live with that.)

    IMO this version was worth the upgrade since the apps that I use most often now seem to be fully compatibale with the OS. I think I will be sticking with this leak. Hopefully an official release will solve my BofA issue.

    Still to early to report on Memory Leaks or Battery Behavior will come back after a couple of days of testing this..

    First Impressions On
    12-07-10 05:35 PM
  8. mikey331's Avatar
    The only issue I've noticed so far is that in BBM groups if you try to view the comments on a group picture, it doesn't work. Normally you would just click the picture then click the track pad and you could comment, but that doesn't work anymore. Neither does pressing menu>discuss picture.
    12-07-10 10:09 PM
  9. ajs4123's Avatar
    Back to - the GPS issue has gone away. Memory usage is much less of an issue, although there are occasional lags while the JVM is presumably doing garbage collection.

    .358 was very much a step backwards, and while I'm looking forward to the next leak, I'm certainly going to keep .344 around for a while just in case.
    I loaded up a few days ago, and here are the findings.

    The GPS issue that plagued (and in fact also happened in - just maybe I didn't notice it first time around) appears to be sorted out.

    The memory issue that made .358 almost wholly unusable also appears better.

    Neither .344 nor .358 could successfully stream music from the network (wireless) to a bluetooth audio device without it being choppy. .380 has sorted that out as well.

    .380 still has the issue where marking all as read doesn't always unbold messages, and going to a highlighted message doesn't always open up that specific message, so still things to sort out.

    On the whole, .380 seems more solid than .344 - a worthy upgrade IMHO.
    12-12-10 01:21 AM
  10. Rootbrian's Avatar
    The one thing I noticed was google maps detects my or your location to be in the lake right in SPAIN! Lol

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-12-10 03:42 PM
  11. pinggwing's Avatar
    okayyy... sharing my thoughts on the OS6 after just downgrading to OS5.

    -camera makes crappier images, if you dont hold the device steady your picture will fail 9 out of 10 times + too much light correction
    -ringtones disappeared and became corrupted, leaving you with no ringtone or alarm at random moments.
    -new option menu removes lots of little tweaks you can do with OS5
    -context menu features randomly disappear until reboot ( fe. send to facebook , send image in pingchat, etc)
    -scrolling is 'flickering'. Dont realy know the exact words to describe it but fe. when scrolling in the webbrowser, you scroll down but seem to be stuck on the same spot for a few seconds.
    -MMS not seperated from SMS
    -Unable to disable that 'quick' search from home menu. NO I don't need that!
    -Navigation system with popping up menu sucks, in the end you just need the 'most used' bar which you can 'move' yourself on OS5

    and I can go on for a while actually, I generally disliked NOT ONLY the bugs in OS6 but the general look and feel, actually I felt like it was more a noobish approach RIM has turned into.

    SO, back at OS5 since yesterday (which was not that straight forward) but loving the good old OS5 and it will stay for that for a long time if you ask me!

    12-14-10 01:13 PM
  12. TheChinaMan's Avatar
    anybody notice that on the 9700, if you have music playing and you lock your phone, you cant change the volume with the volume rocker at the side?
    12-18-10 02:10 PM
  13. sprangers1981's Avatar
    Hi guys

    I am new at installing the leaks, can someone please advise how to switch from one leak to another or guide me in the right direction please..

    Many Thanks
    01-06-11 02:28 PM
  14. metgam's Avatar
    Hi! I'm having issues with my cursor jumping when typing. r u still having issues?

    02-09-11 10:40 AM
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