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    After weeks of troubleshooting, our new enterprise Aruba wifi system we found that there's a known problem with the high-throughput (HT) setting for an SSID and UMA on devices running OS 6. The inbound audio is severely choppy and unusable yet outbound voice is fine.

    By disabling the HT setting on the Aruba controller for the SSID the problems stopped immediately. The bug is in the HT mode code on the bberry.

    They claim it's limited to OS 6 and is fixed in OS 7.
    01-04-12 04:57 PM
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    Hi am new to this forum and just found your post, i have the exact same problem and its driving me crazy, I am from the uk and on orange and they cant help me so i was wondering if you could. Would be much appreciated, thanks
    04-21-12 09:55 AM
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    My phone is the torch 9800, sorry forgot to say.
    04-21-12 09:56 AM
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    Do I assume you have updated to the latest OS 6 release? With my Bold 9780, the OS it shipped with was rubbish with UMA support. Bumping up to .666 is giving me a flawless operation of UMA with many different router models.
    06-19-12 07:19 AM
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    I don't think i even have that HT "feature."

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    10-23-12 07:37 AM
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    @gariac: You have resurrected a six month old dormant thread. Yet don't seem to be posting either a question or an answer. (And don't even seem to have a Bold)

    Do you need assistance with this? Are you having UMA issues? I make heavy usage of UMA and am impressed as to how well it works on a mix of home WiFi routers. But I also know that before I updated to a later OS it was very patchy in operation and would sometimes drop calls. Later implementations had removed all of those bugs.
    10-23-12 08:01 AM
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    I just stumbled upon the thread. I have a 9780 and use UMA.

    Are you trying to make a point here?

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    10-31-12 05:50 PM
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    @Gariac: A point? I don't know what you mean. I was just really confused why you would dig out such an old thread, and then post a cryptic sentence. So I was trying to find out if you actually wanted help or not. I couldn't work it out.
    11-01-12 05:45 AM
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    It is damn hard to read the dates on tapatalk.

    Of course I am trying to help. Why else would I post?

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    11-01-12 01:00 PM
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    @gariac: You may want to stop and think before you post. Or get a better font for your tapatalk thing if you can't read the post clearly.

    If you read back what you typed, you didn't really add anything helpful to the OP's problem. All you have actually done is to let everyone know that your home router does not have a feature. Which doesn't really help anyone. It just adds confusion. Certainly confused me
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    11-01-12 05:27 PM
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    I can read it just fine. What I didn't realize was the HT feature was router related, which explains why I wasn't familiar with the term.

    It also seems you are the only person who has a problem with my post.

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    11-02-12 04:18 PM
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    @Gariac: I am probably the only person making any comment as so few people are subscribed to this thread. So most people probably don't even notice this conversation. Ah - apart from raino - "Hi ranio"

    The original post did clearly state that the HT was a router feature. And then you resurrected this thread after four months. Which means it must have been quite a few pages back. Have you actually READ your post up there? It really is obscure. A random statement out of context. So I tried to ask you if you were asking for assistance, or were just confused. (There are a lot of non-English speakers who use this forum who sometimes get her via Google)

    Instead of admitting your confusion, you got angry with me. Which I found funny. I'm a cheeky so'n'so and couldn't resist poking you for getting angry at someone who was trying to help you. Sorry about that.

    Chill out mate. Take time to read a post fully, including the rest of the thread, and you won't confuse people. Remember - this is a community forum where a community helps people. Getting angry because someone tries to help you is a strange response.

    (I wonder if we have dragged this post OT enough yet? )
    11-02-12 05:28 PM