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    I am on a 9650 with OS6. Let me first say that I LOVE the new OS. However, I noticed that now when I want to reply to an old email via messaging or gmail (pushed email boxes) that I am unable to highlight any part of my previous email.

    In OS5 I could highlight or scroll and copy certain portions of my emails I was forwarding or replying to. Now I can only scroll down and the prior email looks like a jpg image. How to we fix this as this would be a reason for me to not upgrade and instead ditch OS6. I am a power user and do not have the time of day to retype emails into a new emai.

    Please help

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    09-27-10 08:03 PM
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    I believe I understand what you want to do and I think I have your answer...

    If you scroll down in the e-mail to the section you want to highlight/copy and press the shift button and then go to the track pad, the cursor now appears in the e-mail. You can now highlight and copy and paste whatever you need.
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    09-28-10 02:02 PM
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    worked perfectly, the group messaging function is off as is the spell check for some reason in OS6
    09-29-10 12:34 PM
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    Glad to hear it. This leak is too good to leave!

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    09-29-10 02:54 PM