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    Whether you have a new BBOS device or continue using an older one purchased years ago it makes sense to get the last, stable release of the OS. Some apps, like BlackBerry World, might not even work with an older release. The procedure involves performing the backup, wiping the old OS and all data, installing the new OS, restoring the settings, emails, etc. and re-installing all third party apps from the backup. It's not really as difficult as it sounds. Here are the instructions, consolidated in one place and updated as of November, 2019. All the testing was performed on Windows XP (updated until April, 2019) but everything should also work on Windows 7, just the directory paths will be different.

    1) Download the last version of BlackBerry Desktop Software. The links are available in paragraph #1a here:


    2) Install the last OS available for your phone. It can be found in the sticky section of CB subforum dedicated to your particular BlackBerry model. It should be the only OS installed on the computer. If you have a few different BB phones then the OS for each one must be installed on a separate machine, or on separate partitions on a multiboot system. Revo Uninstaller or a similar utility should be used to uninstall all unwanted OSes and to do some Windows registry cleanup afterwards.

    3) Download JL_Cmder

    File: JL_Cmder v1.9.zip
    Size: 61,401 bytes
    MD5: 057ecf5023e6b322ef6e538ca522de83

    JL_Cmder Javaloader Utility

    4) Backup the data on your phone with BlackBerry Desktop Software. Do the Full backup (the restore process will be "selective").

    5) Backup the data on your phone with BlackBerry Protect (just in case).

    6) Some third party apps have an option to backup settings to SD card, so please do those backups as well.

    7) As long as BlackBerry World remains operational third party apps can easily be restored from there. Once it gets shut down those apps must be backed up on the computer and then restored from SD card, as explained here:


    8) Disconnect the phone from the computer.

    9) Delete all instances of "vendor.xml" file on the computer. My favourite file search application on Windows XP and Windows 7 is Locate 32. It's light, it's fast and it's free. First you need to hit F9 to update the file and directory database and then run the search:



    10) Connect BB to the computer and start JL_Cmder. Select option #4 to wipe the phone, then wait until BB disconnects and reconnects a few times and boots to black and white window with Error 507. At this point select option #7 to quit JL_Cmder:




    11) Click on file Loader.exe to start Application Loader Wizard and follow the prompts to enter PIN, etc.

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe

    12) Select the components which you want to be installed on the phone. You can safely uncheck the items which you don't need, like most languages.



    13) The phone will reboot (it will take longer than usual). Wait until the regular home screen comes up.

    14) Configure basic settings on the phone
    - language, time zone, etc.
    - update BlackBerry ID: Setup icon - BlackBerry ID - menu - Check for Updates
    - update Application Resource Monitor: BlackBerry World - My World - Installed -> Upgrades

    15) Perform the battery pull.

    16) Start BB Desktop Software and restore the data from the backup (Device - Restore). Select only the data elements which you need:


    Here are some examples

    - Address Book All
    - Bluetooth Options
    - Browser Bookmarks
    - Browser Options
    - Calendar All
    - Categories (address book categories)
    - Custom Word Collection (custom dictionary)
    - Memos
    - Message List Options (email options)
    - Messages (emails)
    - Mobile Hotspot Profiles
    - Options
    - Password Keeper
    - SMS Messages
    - Sounds (for selected profile and for contacts)
    - Tasks
    - Text Messages (headers only)
    - WLAN Profiles (WiFi profiles)

    Some third party apps have the settings saved by BB Desktop Software, just like native BB apps. Those data elements should for now be ignored.

    17) Do not restore or install any third party apps and perform the battery pull a few times during the first two days.

    18) Restore third party apps (from BlackBerry World or from SD card) and then restore data elements related to those apps from BB Desktop Software:

    - Icon Arrangement
    - FileScout Preferences (if it is installed)
    - LogicMail (if it is installed)
    - XPRSS User Data (if it is installed)
    - etc.

    19) Perform the battery pull a few more times in the next few days.
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