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    I installed a new OS upgrade on my Storm 2 using Windows 7 64-bit. Things are different than using Vista, as described in the detailed instructional threads on upgrading OS. Here's a short form of a "how to..." for those with Win 7/64 bit and comfortable with the BB in general...

    1 -- Download the new OS to PC
    2 -- Plug in BB using USB (don't open Desktop Mgr)
    3 -- Double-click the OS icon and install the program to your PC (with the BB plugged in to the PC)
    4 -- After OS is downloaded, open Desktop Mgr, back up BB
    5 -- CLOSE DM (it won't be used any further during the installation)
    6 -- In Windows 7 search box, type in the word apploader
    7 -- Double-click apploader to open folder (this folder isn't easy to find otherwise, particularly using the directions for Vista)
    8 -- Delete "Vendor" file
    9 -- Double click "apploader" icon
    10 -- Sit back and relax. BB will restart several times. DON'T DISCONNECT until all completed. Can take a good 30 minutes, or more.

    That's it. The apploader will save your BB 3rd party apps via a backup as part of the process and will re-install them at the end of the upgrade. You will have the opportunity to choose (with a check) which ones you want re-installed.

    AFTER THE INSTALL - Not all your 3rd party apps will work with the new OS, but you WILL need to go through all of them and edit each one's permissions. Also, check your options for each 3rd party app. Some may be changed during the installation. That should take care of the balky apps.

    Also, you need to do at least one battery pull after the install and another after fixing the app permissions/changing options. It will take a bit of time for all to settle in. Be patient.
    03-25-10 09:55 AM