1. cellman09's Avatar
    I am trying to load OS and I have deleted the vendor file and all I have even reinstalled everything and it won't run!! It picks up the 4.0 crap but I am wanting to upgrade !! Any help would be great!!
    01-02-10 02:28 PM
  2. anon(1060044)'s Avatar
    did you install the os to the desktop manager?
    blackberry os is a great site..download the os then wipe your device. Then open desktop manager and run app loader. they new os should be an option.
    goodluck sir
    01-02-10 02:31 PM
  3. drinka4yearz's Avatar
    I wouldn't download either of those because they both have bad radios. For me .273 had random freezes and reboots and if you use ya bb a lot then you don't want that .303 worked good for a hour and I started having the same problems and the wall charger dosent work for .303 the best leaked os we have is .230 and it has lil bugs as well but its a good leak. The hybirds makes the os better but us sprint users are having the prl pop ups. Whatever works best for you is your choice I would run .230 and see how u like it then the hybirds....

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    01-02-10 02:46 PM
  4. anon(1060044)'s Avatar
    agreed drinka,
    i tried them all as well to no avail, but if he is going to do it, he should do it right.
    Again, i agree with you. I think overall the officals are the best, though leaks are fun when your bb gets stale
    01-02-10 02:58 PM
  5. anon(1060044)'s Avatar
    on another note...
    ive been an abuser for quite some time now but never took adavatage of this site...
    how do you edit your account info so that my information comes up under my username in the thread screens? thanks guys
    01-02-10 03:05 PM
  6. cellman09's Avatar
    Yea I have installed in the the desktop manager But still no luck and I have wiped the phone liked 10 times any more ideas?
    01-05-10 01:23 PM
  7. shansmi's Avatar
    If the ROM yor are trying to load is not approved by your carrier it cannot be loaded via DM no matter if you have removed the vendor file or not. Use BBSAK or the apploader directly and it will work just fine.

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    01-05-10 03:39 PM
  8. cellman09's Avatar
    BBSAK Did the Trick It never worked with just the app loader !! But anyways Maybe it is Windows 7
    01-05-10 11:51 PM