1. 08ohib's Avatar
    Hi, as seen in the title, I have some blackberry phones from 2008-2011 that are display models or development ones or pre-release beta ones. Something like that.
    On almost all the phones, they have little text printed on them saying: Dev model not for sale, or beta device, and things like that. -Some of the writing has been scrached off on some. Also, all over the screen when they are turned on, they have watermarks saying BETA.

    3 of them have broken screens, but I can see two by shining a flashlight on the screen.
    On all the ones I've tested, when I try opening the camera app, it says "Camera is disabled" or "No avaliable", then the app quits. Some have weird photos of grids in the photos folder.

    One of them has been upgraded or something to OS6 (I think), and the BETA doesn't show all over the screen anymore.

    The phones are mostly blackberry Bold models, a pearl model, and a tourch model (I think).

    One of them (A black berry pearl) says display model on the back, is very light, and has no charging port at all, so I think it doesn't have any electrics inside or something.

    Other than that, they all look and work like normal blackberry phones.
    I have had these phones lying about for ages, and I was wondering if they would be of any value if I were to sell them, or something, because I can't find any info on these on the internet.
    08-30-16 07:05 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    maybe a collector for a non-working retrospective collection would want them. They are pretty much useless unless you can load an OS and get them working...and load apps.
    08-30-16 08:36 AM

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