1. drquack's Avatar

    If someone uses a Hybrid OS then which base OS do you think is better, OS5 or OS6? I've heard of several horror stories of OS6 having major memory leak and page too large issues. Is that still a problem even if you use a Hybrid OS like [email protected]?

    Also as a side question can I downgrade BBM to v5.0.0.66 if I get OS6? I don't like the newer BBM releases.
    06-18-12 11:32 PM
  2. bmercer94's Avatar
    As far as I know, if you upgrade to os6, you can use bbm 5.0, if it comes preloaded with a newer bbm you can remove it via "application management" and use DM to reload 5.0. I see no memory leak with the [email protected] series, not compared to base os6 at least.

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    06-19-12 04:03 AM
  3. drquack's Avatar
    Stability wise and features wise is it really worth it to upgrade to a Hybrid OS6? My main uses are watching videos, Twitter and web browsing.
    06-19-12 11:28 AM
  4. bmercer94's Avatar
    Well, it's acclaimed that the browser in os6 is faster and smoother, and i find no instability from the [email protected] - Adrenaline hybrid OS.
    06-19-12 01:58 PM
  5. tang63's Avatar
    No harm trying out hybrid OS. If you are free to spend some time upgrading OS.

    At the most, u can just easily revert back to ur previous OS.

    But, who knows, maybe you will end up liking the new hybrid more than ur old OS.

    Give it a chance.
    06-20-12 08:54 PM
  6. wu-wei's Avatar
    As for BBM, version 5 will run just fine on OS6 - you just have to find the files to install whichever version you prefer.

    Regarding hybrids, do make sure you're using the correct build over the recommended base OS. [email protected] is intended for an OS5 base, while my straight (and more prolific) [email protected] series is intended to run over an OS6 base. I will admit that [email protected] is probably not my finest work - it had been a long time since I had built for OS5 and I don't think it is as fluid as the work I've done on OS6 builds.

    My earlier builds handled the "page too large" issue quite well - look for my hybrids intended to run over I believe that is more a function of that base OS and less about my builds, but that may just be modesty as others' builds had those issues while mine did not.

    In my experience, videos, twitter, and heavy browsing will take a toll on memory...but I have never seen a drop greater than 25 MB, even with uptimes of over 5 days. If I could settle on app versions (and be patient with my own building addiction) I would like to run a more thorough longevity test to see what sort of performance I see with even longer uptimes.

    At this moment, I am at 3 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes uptime and my current memory "leak" is 24.5 MB (started at 97.8 MB free, now at 73.3 MB). My biggest memory-consuming apps are BBM, SocialScope, and Browser.
    06-21-12 01:57 AM