02-24-16 03:38 PM
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  1. Rickster's Avatar
    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to do this with US Cellular??? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.
    I don't know what your Desktop Software situation is, but I think what worked for me was uninstalling and re-installing the latest version. Here is the post I followed.

    I will PM you the url I followed since I can't post them until I reach 10 posts.
    05-04-08 01:24 PM
  2. D_Town's Avatar
    How fast does your pc run when tethered?

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    05-04-08 03:01 PM
  3. philb's Avatar
    Sprint wants $19.99/month even with everything plan. I got mobishark....250k connections that drops quite often
    05-04-08 05:33 PM
  4. rms2005's Avatar
    Im glad it is working for some. I never have been able to connect after lengthy phone calls to support, I do however have the 4.3.1 os on my curve so that could be a part of it. Im hoping 4.5 will clear it up.
    05-04-08 10:09 PM
  5. Andrewm01's Avatar
    when i try using my BB as a modem everything works fine until it starts to connect, and then says "error timed out while verifying login and password." Any help with this?
    05-09-08 11:59 AM
  6. rms2005's Avatar
    well I went and bought a BT dongle and it works like a champ now.
    05-09-08 01:49 PM
  7. IronDad2's Avatar
    Originally Posted by StikiGreenZ View Post
    I'm pretty certain your carrier will charge you extra for this. This is called "tethering", not usually included in your data plan.

    Neither T-Mobile or Sprint either one charge anything additional to enable modem capabilities for your Berry's. I'm about 75% sure Cingular/At&t doesn't either, but I just heard that one thru the grapevine.
    Sprint's BIS plan specifically states that "phone as modem" is "not included"
    05-12-08 05:37 PM
  8. caramelsundae510's Avatar

    I followed your instruction and I'm stuck at the "connect dial-up connection" window which asks for a user name and password. I clicked dial anyway and I got the failed to connect message. I have vista, so maybe I lost some things in translation? Any pointers to get this off the ground would be great

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    05-18-08 07:24 PM
  9. DickySmalls's Avatar
    Neither T-Mobile or Sprint either one charge anything additional to enable modem capabilities for your Berry's. I'm about 75% sure Cingular/At&t doesn't either, but I just heard that one thru the grapevine.

    I have a friend that works for Sprint in the retail store that told me they do charge for tethering. I would love nothing more than for him to be wrong but I just wanted to verify where you got your information from re: Sprint, Thank you
    05-21-08 04:53 AM
  10. Go Blue's Avatar
    You will find that Sprint charges $15 per month in addition to the unlimited BB plan for phone as modem. It is not free. There is also an upcharge over and above the SE plan for pam as well. AT&T also has an additional charge.
    05-21-08 08:05 PM
  11. bigbody300's Avatar
    I have someone using this technique but be warned it drains your battery life...
    05-25-08 06:39 PM
  12. tweebs's Avatar
    I would kill to pay $15/month for BB as a modem!

    But of course I'm Canadian and only have Rogers (AT&T) as my only GSM choice in carrier (now that they purchased Fido a couple years ago). Way to go fair market competition.

    I remember hearing on the new around Christmas a family from the US came up here and used a theathered modem while roaming on Rogers, they returned home to a $13,000 phone bill.

    Oh yes we have a "Unlimited data plan" with our BB and other data phone. If by "Unlimited" you mean 25 MB with an additional $0.05/Kb.

    We won't even carry the IPhone in Canada because no one could afford the hundreds of dollars every month for data useage.

    Think again before entering that rogers dialing plan into your computer. Canadian providers are FAR worse then "3rd" world countries. Check out this comparison:

    sorry you'll have to fix the xx

    IPhone will force Rogers to overhaul data rates: analyst
    Rogers has taken its time in coming to an official agreement with Apple because the carrier will need to drastically overhaul its data rates if it is to introduce the iPhone, which stresses mobile internet usage rather than simple voice calls, Surtees said. Apple has been insisting that iPhone carriers offer customers reasonable data rates so they can get a full mobile internet experience, something Rogers has been loathe to do.

    "Would Ted be in a hurry to [introduce lower data rates] without the newcomers? No," he said. "If a competitor were to be licensed this month, the iPhone would be here today.... They're not prepared to cannibalize their revenue just yet."

    Other analysts said the lack of details in Rogers's announcement indicated that Apple is about to make an announcement on a newer, faster model of the iPhone.

    One of the chief criticisms of the device thus far has been that its downloading rate is too slow. As a result, rumours have swirled recently that Apple is due to unveil an iPhone that runs on faster 3G networks, possibly in June or July.

    Waiting for the newer faster version will allow Rogers to sidestep criticisms of its data rates, said Iain Grant, president of telecommunications consultancy The Seaboard Group.
    Com'on CRTC get it together and give us a carrier that doesn't royally @#$% us.
    06-01-08 03:42 PM
  13. LT's Avatar
    I have successfully set my BB up as a tethered modem through Verizon. It works well except that I cannot send email using either Windows Mail or Thunderbird. I can receive it just fine, and the web works.

    Verizon support tells me their obligation is to provide web access and not email. This was the same level 2 support person who also told me that he had never heard of Thunderbird.

    Any ideas on how to get my outgoing email to work?

    06-03-08 11:19 AM
  14. JonFolse's Avatar
    I'm getting a 734 error. I followed your instructions to a T. Can someone help please?
    06-04-08 07:43 PM
  15. Sandman333's Avatar
    I tried this just today with my 8830. I get connected to the web, but the only page I can get is the sign-up for Verizon's Broadband Access service, at $30 a month on top of my unlimited date plan. Apparently they are wise to this trick.
    06-19-08 11:30 AM
  16. Enxu's Avatar
    Hey Crackheads,

    Here's how its done on the latest version of Mac OS X (much thanks to ggoodale and d_fisher over at BlackBerryForums.com, I'm mostly transcribing their work, modifying for 10.5.3, and adding screen shots):

    \\\Since Im a noob here, I can't post urls, so you'll have to copy and paste, and remove the spaces\\\\

    \\\\Note: This is on T-Mobile with the $19.99 Blackberry Unlimited data feature\\\\\\\

    Firstly, download the Pearl modem script here: h ttp://www.fibble.org/BlackBerry%208100 (right click and "Save Link As...", and save it as an ASCII file. Put this file in "Macintosh HD\Library\Modem Scripts".

    Then make sure you Pearl is paired up to your Mac through Bluetooth: -on the Pearl, "Set Up Bluetooth --> Allow another device to find me --> OK", on the Mac, "[Bluetooth Menu] ---> Set Up Bluetooth Device -->Check 'Access the internet with your phone's data connection' --> Phone Vendor = Other, Phone Model = Blackberry 8100, user = guest, pass = guest, phone number = wap.voicestream.com"

    If you then go to "Network Preferences" on the Mac, this is what you should see:

    h ttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3165/2593424124_d9072a083b_o.jpg

    The "Configuration" field is something you can name, it might say "Automatic" by default.

    If you click the "Advanced" button, this is what you should see:

    h ttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3290/2593424180_9dde84edc9_o.jpg

    None of the other tabs need to be touched.

    Let me know how this works out, and again, most of the credit goes to the guys I mentioned at blackberryforums.com

    06-19-08 12:47 PM
  17. crazybos's Avatar
    What did you use for the Phone number, username and password for VZW?
    06-19-08 02:55 PM
  18. Sandman333's Avatar
    What did you use for the Phone number, username and password for VZW?
    The same as was posted in the tutorial, since there wasn't anything else specific listed for Verizon. I didn't think it would work, trying to access T-Mobile servers through Verizon.
    06-20-08 11:43 AM
  19. lawrence's Avatar
    got bluetooth tethering to work on my macbook pro in leopard using my sprint curve. I am on SERO with the $30 BIS (no PAM), and I don't want to get charged per kb, so I only hopped on just to see if it worked. I was able to pull up gmail and a few sites pretty flawlessly!

    $15/mo is worth it for PAM if you use it often, but I probably use PAM less than 10x/yr (usually at airports when I have time to kill), so it's not really worth the $15/mo charge for me. This workaround is pretty killer!
    06-24-08 01:34 AM
  20. Tollie's Avatar
    I hope someone can help me with my problem as it is driving me up the wall. I have a BB 8110 and a pc running on Vista Home basic. I got the BB the work as a modem and connect to the internet and it worked like a charm.But a few days ago I installed MSN messenger live on my PC and since then I am unable to connet via the BB to the internet, it give me error 692 modem failure. I have checked all my settings on the BB and pc, the APN setting for my carrier is correct, I have uninstalled the msn live messenger, as wella s the BB desktop manager and re-installed the desktop manager, confirmed that the BB connect to the pc, but still the error. When I connect the BB to the PC and querie the standard modem it gives me the seetings and functions 100%, when I then continue to connect to the internet using the standard dail-in its gives me the error. When I go back to check the modum and querie it it gives me a failure. I dont know what else to check or do, PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP????
    06-24-08 01:37 AM
  21. sforzley's Avatar
    Can you send me your settings on the pearl and your pc? Are you using the connection mgr download? Can you do moderate gaming? Thx! PIN listed.
    06-26-08 09:58 AM
  22. mlucek's Avatar
    I'm accessing this site as I'm posting this message via my 8130 (Verizon) tethered USB to my laptop. I can send/receive email (Outlook Express) just fine and browse the net just fine.

    I'm getting speeds (from the VZAccess manager statistics page) anywhere from 30K to 500K, hard to tell the average speed, as the statistics box is bouncing all over the place - probably in the range of 200K-300K. Of course that's in the heart of Los Angeles with a good signal.

    I was told yesterday by a Verizon CSR as we were sorting out my services, that unlimited tethering was included with the VZW Blackberry Personal $29.99/month plan.

    Since I can't post links yet (don't have at least 10 posts), go to the Verizon Business site and look under the menus Business -> Business Plans -> Data Plans. Scroll down a bit and you should see this box :

    Personal Email Plans
    Email and Web for Blackberry
    Includes BlackBerry Internet Service compatible with POP3 and IMAP email accounts.

    As a Feature added to an eligible Calling Plan : $29.99
    As a Stand-Alone Calling Plan Monthly Access Fee3 $34.99

    Data Allowance(for email)1 Unlimited

    Rate After Allowance -

    Voice Usage
    Per Your Voice Calling Plan

    Included Features (May require digital service and specific equipment)
    • Text, Picture, and Video Messaging4
    • Basic Voice Mail with Message Waiting Indicator5,6
    • Caller ID5
    • Call Waiting5, 7
    • 3-Way Calling5, 7
    • Call Forwarding5, 7
    • No Answer/Busy Transfer5, 7
    • 411 Connect8
    • International Roaming/Calling
    • Mobile Web 2.09

    Last edited by mlucek; 06-27-08 at 12:16 AM.
    06-27-08 12:03 AM
  23. manian's Avatar
    Will this setup work with Manager version 4.3 or do I have to re-install 4.2?
    06-27-08 06:12 PM
  24. 3083joe's Avatar
    What do I do when the modem doesnt respond? I get error- The modem failed to respond. make sure it is properly connected and turned on. If it is an internal modem or is connected, verify that the interrupt for the port is properly set.
    Not sure what to do! Please Help!!
    06-27-08 10:23 PM
  25. edwaj1's Avatar
    using the above directions, both with Manager running, and not I wind up with error 734 PPP link protocol terminated.

    Any idea's?

    (using AT&T and curve 8310)
    06-30-08 07:08 PM
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