02-24-16 03:38 PM
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  1. desibaby4's Avatar
    i get error 628...
    04-20-09 02:08 PM
  2. Sukii_Fatale's Avatar
    I have tmobile and windows vista. Can someone help me too?

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    04-20-09 05:35 PM
  3. roosk's Avatar
    Nice I hope this works I'm gonna try it..I've been waiting to do this

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    04-20-09 07:55 PM
  4. futureeuqb's Avatar
    I have had my BB for just a over a week now but downloaded this last night and it works great. Now lets just hope Sprint doesn't start charging me even though I have the Unlimited everything plan.
    04-22-09 12:39 PM
  5. grooveracer's Avatar
    The instructions worked great for me with an 8900 on T-Mobile. Thanks for the write up!!
    04-22-09 06:03 PM
  6. Pleasure-And-Pain's Avatar
    I have dm v 4.5 and it's not workin for me either. Futureeuqb, unxpctd, do you guys have 4.2 or sumthin???? Dloaded sprint smart view and it hasn't worked yet. Somebody help?
    04-23-09 12:32 AM
  7. croosifyd's Avatar
    Beware of MobiShark, iMobiMac, WireShark Media
    I was looking for a service that enabled me to use my Blackberry Phone as a tethered modem which would enable me to use my phone's internet connection to surf the web on my laptop. I paid $50 for MobiShark which claims to do this without a monthly subscription service.

    I paid the $50 considering it a good investment for what it claimed; however this software is completely faulty. I was able to connect the internet; however could never actually browse the internet. This software is completely useless. I tried to resolve this with WireShark Media LLC and they refused to refund my $50 investment. I used Paypal and they do not have any authority it purchased outside of ebay to refund your purchase for item such as this; therefore I am completely out $50.

    I have Verizon and they are offering 30 days free without a contract for their tethering service. Although you do pay a monthly subscription for this service, I can browse the internet in lightening speed and is indeed worth the monthly fees. Do not fall for the claims of software developers like MobiShark and the like--they are ripping people off and I created this blog for consumers considering this software to be ware of this company.
    04-23-09 02:06 PM
  8. JBB89's Avatar
    I'm currently using the dial-up connection way with DM 4.6 and blackberry curve 8310 with and it works as fast as EDGE can! love it
    04-23-09 02:10 PM
  9. pcuglievan's Avatar
    I also have mobishark. You should have tried the TRIAL version before buying it croosyfid. Mobishark also has an excellent support service (live via MSN). So, if you need tethering software, try mobishark.
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    04-23-09 04:15 PM
  10. HouseApe's Avatar
    SharkModem offers a free trial and a no refund policy

    Store Policy:
    Your purchase is important to us! We actively work with each customer to ensure that any issues are resolved. Also, we offer a free 10 Megabyte trial so that our customers can preview our products before making a purchase. Thus, before you purchase Shark Modem please test the application and it's functionality to ensure it fits your needs.

    Refunds are not available for:
    Software that has a free trial or demo version offered on the site
    Also they have live help. I have use it during the trial and found out that it would not go to the one site I needed the program for.

    Live Remote Control Help
    Leave the work in our hands and let one of our Technical Support Representatives remote into your computer and get your setup in no time.
    So my question is why are you spamming HoFo, BBF, CrackBerry and other forums. You could have tried it out and seen that it did not work (or even got help) before you paid for it.
    04-24-09 10:26 AM
  11. chris98891's Avatar
    hey guys, were looking at sprint (from verizon) and were thinking about a simply everything data plan for our family (3 lines). currently paying way too much for a treo with tethering on VZW. with the everything data plan, will i be able to plug in my hypothetical curve and be able to use the sprint smartview WITHOUT incurring any extra charges, and without paying the tethering fee? the software says it requires the phone as modem plan.
    04-24-09 04:22 PM
  12. Mz.Turtle's Avatar
    So I thought that I followed all the steps properly but when I go to connect I get Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly. Where did I go wrong?

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    04-26-09 06:25 PM
  13. trik's Avatar
    wow i dint know u could do that
    04-27-09 04:04 AM
  14. roosk's Avatar
    I got srpint and I tried it out. Works perfectly and its quick!!

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    04-27-09 05:56 PM
  15. onyoyy's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing!
    04-27-09 07:45 PM
  16. Mz.Turtle's Avatar
    So I keep getting Error 633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly...... I follwed the steps exactly (twice) and I keep getting the error message.... Has anyone else had this issue? Or can you tell me how to fix it?
    04-27-09 11:31 PM
  17. Skriblinmatt's Avatar
    Since this thread is now over 20 pages long I haven't read the whole thing, so this might have already been touched on. but... Is tethering dishonest?
    I pay for an unlimited data plan, so I don't think it is, but on another thread there were a lot of people really angery at some kid who had racked up some heavy service charges by tethering.
    04-29-09 08:16 AM
  18. Skriblinmatt's Avatar
    I got 628 "The connection terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed".

    I've seen a couple other posts with the same problem. Is there a solution. (I'm on T-mobile with a 8900 Curve).

    Also, does tethering use up minuets?
    04-30-09 02:00 PM
  19. splateaux's Avatar
    Sweet! Great post. I get my calls as well, but they give a different ring tone than normal.
    05-01-09 09:53 AM
  20. mz_julicious's Avatar
    I Love Tethering !
    05-03-09 12:37 AM
  21. canadian_girl's Avatar
    Can someone help me with "tethering" I'm on telus and I'm not sure if my bb can even do this. Also I have an unlimited plan but when I question telus they say there will be extra charges...I would like to test it.
    05-03-09 06:24 PM
  22. dbrt30's Avatar
    Okay I need help. So I got all the way through the excellent tutorial and I was able to get a connection. I tried opening the browser on my computer and I couldn't open up any web pages. I tried adjusting my settings on the tools menu to the recomendations that you made but I didn't have any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And by the way my service provider is metro pcs if that helps.

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    05-04-09 02:35 AM
  23. canadian_girl's Avatar
    If anyone has any tips for Telus on this subject that would be awesome.
    05-04-09 10:44 PM
  24. uglyduckling's Avatar
    pass the blunt
    05-06-09 06:00 PM
  25. Roll Hard Inc's Avatar
    has anyone done this with the 8330 with US Cellular? If so i need help.. i cant seem to get it to work..... please help.. in dire need..
    05-06-09 10:11 PM
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