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    Alright, I have a college email account and a Gmail account. I want to be able to receive all incoming emails from both of those accounts on my Blackberry, WHILE ALSO having the emails sent to my Gmail account. However, I want them to be received and grouped accordingly (one separate inbox with personal mail and one separate inbox with college mail).

    Now, I've been doing a lot of reading and researching on different methods and I've learned a lot from reading about what others have done to setup their personal accounts and business accounts with their Blackberries. So far, this is what I've done and where I'm at:

    My college email's setting only allows me to forward messages to another account. It does not save copies of received emails on my college's email server when I do this.

    At one point, I was able to add my college email through the "Check mail through POP3" settings in Gmail. Now when I did this, I automatically started receiving all of my college inbox in my Gmail inbox. I have over 300 emails that are just chillin' in my college inbox, so deleting all of these throughout my Gmail inbox on my laptop after was not fun by the way.

    Eventually, I learned first-hand about the POP3 delay issues people usually deal with after doing this. I wanted any college related email instantaneously sent to my Gmail/Blackberry, instead of having to wait for when Gmail decides to "Check my POP3 mail."

    To counter this, I setup my BIS email and then changed my college email settings so that messages were forwarded to that new BIS email account. By doing this, I could get the emails that were sent to my college account instantly on my Blackberry. I was also able to customize my BIS settings so that when I reply from my Blackberry, people see that I'm sending from my college account (from xxxxxxxxxx@college.edu). I wanted to be able to keep track of the college emails that I sent from my Blackberry so I created a new "Sent Mail from Blackberry@gmail.com" Gmail account and changed the Auto BCC email address to that account. This way, any mail I send from my BB will be sent to this email address as well so I know what I send people. I didn't have to worry about keeping track of emails sent from my personal email account on my BB because Gmail does that by default. Oh, and I added that "Sent Mail from Blackberry@gmail.com" to my Gmail account and used filtering and labeling through Gmail so I have access to both accounts.

    Alright so here is my problem! Because my college emails are forwarded to my BIS account, I get them on my Blackberry, but there's no other place that the email is sent to. Remember that my college account doesn't receive copies because they're being forwarded to my BIS. Because of this, my college emails are never received in Gmail either. I thought setting up my college email through the Gmail POP3 settings would take care of this, but for some reason, my Gmail never receives any college emails through POP3 anymore.

    AH, I know I just explained a lot and I tried to be very detailed on purpose. Please help me out here!
    01-13-10 11:26 PM
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    just go to email set up....punch in your college email and password and do the same again for your other emails and it should work....thats what i did for my university email and it worked right away and i think mine was similar to yours
    01-13-10 11:50 PM
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    I should also mention that a key thing to remember is that I'm not just trying to connect my college email with my BB. I've done that, the problem is that I have no other record of my college email.

    Also, including Gmail in this whole thing is very important to what I want to do. I want to be able to log into my Gmail account on a computer and be able to access my personal emails, my college emails, and the messages I've sent from my BB. So far like I said, I have 2 out of 3 (personal email records and messages I've sent)..

    This has to be possible!
    01-14-10 12:06 AM
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    Find out if your college email can be accessed through imap. This would make it so all the emails would be left on the servers and also appear on your blackberry. I used to do this with my colleges email.

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    01-14-10 12:20 AM
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    Find out if your college email can be accessed through imap. This would make it so all the emails would be left on the servers and also appear on your blackberry. I used to do this with my colleges email.

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    You can do that with a POP server as well....
    01-14-10 12:47 AM
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    I actually remember reading about IMAP and POP servers, but I really didn't understand either concept extremely well. How would I go about finding out if my school's email can be accessed through IMAP? If I need to contact the ITS guys, I won't be able to until next week, but I will be sure to post again with the answer. I have no idea what step I would take next if the answer is yes though..
    01-14-10 01:08 AM
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    Having gmail check your @.edu won't matter when you have you @.edu address forwarding everything to your @? address.

    I have an @.edu address that I have everything fwd'd to gmail. Its labeled as such and archived in my gmail. Just by setting that master gmail account on ? via the email setup wizard I get all emails for my @gmail and @.edu addresses sent to both my ? and my comp

    That sounds like pretty much what you want. I do like to keep all my stuff in one folder ( I even hide the @gmail icon), but if not u can use the enhanched gmail plugin to filter yer gmail by labels, so if yiuve set up you school forwarded email to have a gmail label, then you're good

    Now, I'm glad you brought this up, bc the on issue I'm having is that I can read and respond to my @.edu email on the ?, I can't send as me@school.edu, only as gmail. This is confusing to recipients and also breaks university policy that all school email be done via official addresses.

    Anyone have any ideas on that issue?

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    01-14-10 04:53 AM
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    I think I'm happy with what I've managed to configure at this point. I've decided I don't need/want to handle all my emails all in Gmail anymore. I can receive messages from both accounts on my BB and reply to the emails from the appropriate account. It turns out it was really as easy as using the Setup Wizard on the Blackberry. I just added both my @gmail.com account and my @college.edu account separately. I actually think this whole syncing process is done through IMAP when you use the wizard, but I could be wrong since I don't fully understand what IMAP means. So now I receive my Gmail emails on my BB and in my Gmail inbox . I also now receive my college emails on my BB but also on my college account's inbox.

    I don't think you will be able to respond to your college related emails from your @college.edu address from your Blackberry because your college email is forwarding the emails to your Gmail address. The only way I was able to successfully configure it so my college related recipients saw my emails as "From: me@college.edu" was by using the method above or you can setup your Blackberry email account (@att.blackberry.net) through the Blackberry Internet Service through your BB's browser and then forward your college emails to that address. When you setup your @att.blackberry.net account, it gives you the option to set what you want to your recipients to see your sent emails as and you can even set a personal signature. These were the two ways I had my BB setup as at one point and unfortunately it leads back to my original problem: not having all email accounts handled through Gmail and not having my @college.edu emails saved anywhere else but on my BB. I guess you could try forwarding your @college.edu to your Gmail account as well and set a label with filters for archiving purposes, but I personally prefer to have more of synced connection. In retrospect, it's not a huge problem for me having to access my Gmail account separately from my college account when I'm on a computer. I mean, in 2 years I will never have any use for the college account anyway so I'd eventually disregard it from my Gmail account anyway.

    Now obviously I'm not saying what my original goal was is impossible, but until someone can explain how to do it, I'm happy with what's working now.
    01-14-10 09:32 PM
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    Perhaps I'm missing the point here, but the solution to all of this seems straightforward:

    1. In the bb email setup, enter the school address in the gmail "reply to" box; and

    2. On the computer in the gmail account settings, enter the school address in the "send mail as" setting for the gmail account.
    01-15-10 02:04 AM