11-02-12 12:54 PM
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  1. idontrockin661's Avatar
    Sorry everyone, but I know this is in the other forum, but I am going to start putting my tutorials in here and together as I help others. So when someone ask for help, I will post a thread with detailed ppictures and instructions!

    Q) How do you add signatures to SMS texts?


    First, Click on the Options icon from your homescreen..

    Then highlight and click the "Auto Text" option.

    Now, you have two options you can do. You can either a) Create a new AutoText phrase or b) Edit and existing phrase.

    If you are doing a new one, then from this screen click the "menu" button (flying d's) and select "new" If you are editing one, then scroll down to the phrase you would like to edit click "menu" button and select "edit"

    For new phrases only.... scroll down to the "replace" section and put in your command letters i.e xoxo

    For new and edited phrases. Scroll down to the "with" section and write in your desired signature i.e hugs and kisses...

    05-23-08 04:16 PM
  2. idontrockin661's Avatar
    ... then be sure to click "menu" button and click Save.

    Then when composing a text message, just type in your Auto Text phrase...

    Then press the space bar...and viola...

    And this can be done for multiple signatures.....

    I suggest only editing the "sig" phrase and then make your own new ones. The Auto Text feature corrects grammer during text i.e youre . you're

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    05-23-08 04:19 PM
  3. jontymisra's Avatar
    Thanks for posting!
    05-23-08 04:39 PM
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    I got it... thanks for sharing!
    05-24-08 07:27 PM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    Good tutorial. Hopefully this well help a lot of users out.

    Funny how I have autotext set up and never use them.

    05-24-08 08:27 PM
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    Finally, I love this forum.
    06-13-08 02:14 PM
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    ^Agreed! Another great tip.
    06-14-08 02:01 PM
  8. jaescouture's Avatar
    i never even knew what an auto text was until i got my sidekick. i had no issues with this when i got my bb - thanks though (: great tip
    06-14-08 02:11 PM
  9. Cbarnes2479's Avatar
    Great tip Thanks all are great
    06-18-08 02:21 AM
  10. g0dstr1be's Avatar
    Fab post! I always learn something new when I log on!

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    06-18-08 02:55 AM
  11. mobiman's Avatar
    Great step by step tutorial, thanks
    07-06-08 09:37 AM
  12. Username01939's Avatar
    Thanks! Always wondered that!
    07-09-08 01:03 PM
  13. enyahs_shayne09's Avatar
    i use auto text all the time!
    its like 2nd nature now!
    07-17-08 02:07 PM
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    Thank God for Crackberry.com!!!!!
    07-26-08 12:24 AM
  15. fairy87's Avatar
    yall posts are funny they make me laugh!
    but great job!
    for a long time i was wondering how to do that i've had a bb for 3 yrs now lol just learning how to use my curve.....
    07-26-08 01:59 AM
  16. fishaddict's Avatar
    ok maybe i am missing something,please forgive me.but when I go to create a new one what do i put in for the "replace"column since i dont already have a signature?and when I went to try and save the one I put in it says it already exists
    07-27-08 06:54 PM
  17. taimaishuu916's Avatar
    Thanks! Really easy to follow!
    07-27-08 07:13 PM
  18. fishaddict's Avatar
    I got it to work,but is there a way that you can have your signature phrase automatically show up at the end of a text message without having to put in the command and spacebar to bring it up,it just seems like kind of a pain?
    07-27-08 07:26 PM
  19. GregMargie's Avatar
    Thank you so much for posting these instructions! It was exactly what I was looking for today! Really appreciate it!
    07-30-08 06:44 PM
  20. Matou's Avatar
    Great Post... I've been Wondering how to do this for the Longest!
    08-14-08 07:49 PM
  21. duracell5's Avatar
    amazing. thx a bunch
    08-16-08 05:22 AM
  22. NEWBBMAMI's Avatar
    Is there any way to add a sig in sms WITHOUT using up the 160 character space?
    08-26-08 10:04 PM
  23. Sistastrong1's Avatar
    You do not know how hard I have been trying to figure out how to do that! Invaluable information! Thank you so much!

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    08-28-08 01:17 AM
  24. aswanideep's Avatar
    Thanks for the info
    i was searching this thing, but wasn't able to find out
    08-28-08 04:24 PM
  25. nmaguire001's Avatar
    does anyone know if and how to foward sms messages from my verizon bb to my work att phone
    08-28-08 04:46 PM
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