01-03-13 11:58 AM
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  1. ewjax's Avatar
    My experience:


    - works from BB opera mini, allows editing of signature field
    - works from Firefox from Windows XP
    - does NOT allow me to log in from IE under Windows Vista


    - does NOT allow me to log in from IE under Windows Vista
    - allows log in from Opera mini, but does not allow editing of signature field
    - allows log in from native BB browser, but does not allow editing of signature field
    03-11-08 12:32 AM
  2. Blonde Berry's Avatar
    Thanks for the detailed instructions! I finally got mine working right.
    03-11-08 03:39 PM
  3. ediggity's Avatar
    After creating the user name, it worked perfect on the bis.na site...
    03-13-08 02:28 AM
  4. aapierre's Avatar

    i managed to edit mine
    03-18-08 08:47 PM
  5. Cosmo's Avatar
    I can't seem to sign into Verizon's BIS site. It says "This device is not accessible through HTML. Please log into through your device's internet service." Anyone have this problem? All I want to do is remove the signature on my 8830!

    I had the same experience on the AT&T site. I closed the page, then logged onto it again, and magically the message didn't appear and I was able to edit out the pesky "signature" advertising AT&T and BlackBerry.
    03-23-08 01:51 AM
  6. capitalist's Avatar
    How do I do that on a BES account?
    my cousin just got his BB from his company

    I just got one last week too on BES. It was easily changeable on the BB by going into Messages> Menu> Message Options> Email Settings> and you will see the "Use Auto Signature toggle and then a box to type the signature in.

    Works like a breeze.
    03-23-08 05:24 PM
  7. labrown's Avatar
    This is a great thread, I set up my BB I got from my company for my yahoo acct and as soon as I saw the "sent from my verizon bb" I was annoyed. The info on the threads on this site helped me do it in about 5 mins (probably less). Thanks fellow crackberrians!
    03-24-08 09:02 AM
  8. Jeanetteh1960's Avatar
    Thanks for the great info here , I have been trying to figure out where and how to login onto the PC and you guys are great. Now I get a bonus to be able to get rid of the sent from ATT sig too -THANKS
    I have only had my Curve for a few weeks and what I have learned on this site is amazing -Thanks again
    03-24-08 03:24 PM
  9. sirah's Avatar
    The approaches in this thread don't seem to apply if you use BIS and Vodafone UK.
    Anyone know how to do it?

    I use BIS and my Curve 8310.
    My email account is first.second@btinternet.com

    Desktop Manager 4.3 does not include any option to edit signature. It includes:Media Manager, Synchronise, Backup and Restore and ,Application Loader and Switch Device Wizard only.

    Doing it from the 8310 device here's what happens:

    Click Mobile Email Settings icon
    allows me to view my email account: first.second@btinternet.com

    Clicking Edit displays:

    Email Account name
    Reply to:
    Your Name

    all with edit boxes.

    But Signature and Username are not editable.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I hope you've got this sorted by now, but I thought I'd post how I did it so that other UK Vodafone members don't have to lose the will to live whilst trying to figure this out!

    1: Open the setup wizard on your BB, go back to the Email Setup step and click NEXT to open the email setup page

    2: Scroll down to 'Services and Settings' and click on it. Look for 'new users - create an account', click on that, agree to the legal T&Cs (if you do!) and follow the steps they give you until you get to choose your name and password.

    3: If you have any email accounts set up already, make sure you have the passwords for them because the next steps will be to verify those email accounts with their passwords.

    4: When you've done all of that, log on to bis.eu.blackberry.com/html?brand=vodauk (can't do it as a link as this is my first post) through your PC and enter the username and password you just created on your BB, then follow the steps that have already been posted here! Click edit next to the email account you want to change and DELETE the signature blurb!

    And that's it!

    03-26-08 06:11 AM
  10. joshrussett's Avatar
    ahhhh....thank god
    03-26-08 08:36 AM
  11. Just.jaded's Avatar
    It worked fine for me. Thanks for the tip.
    03-31-08 02:51 AM
  12. brownubia's Avatar
    ahh...finally that annoying siggy is gone. thanks to all!
    04-06-08 10:49 PM
  13. whdens's Avatar
    I tried everything until I found Mongoloids instructions here. ATT user that set up with the device first instead of BIS. The fields for email sig in the messages screen under options is not present, the only things it showed were email config and general options, neither had signature information. Going through media net on the handheld worked.
    Thank you!
    Last edited by whdens; 04-08-08 at 12:15 AM.
    04-08-08 12:12 AM
  14. dejohn360's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I had been trying to do this from my phone but was unable.
    04-08-08 10:51 PM
  15. chairguru22's Avatar
    I tried doing this with AT&T however it says I can only access it from my device, which I do, but it won't allow me to select that text and delete or change it. Any ideas?
    04-08-08 10:59 PM
  16. KingBanana's Avatar
    The link in the first post for Sprint didn't work for me. After calling Sprint, they pointed me to this url. You'll have to format it yourself (http:// in front, stick . in between each line, etc) because I don't have enough points to post a URL.

    04-24-08 11:21 AM
  17. volkanerkan's Avatar
    Why remove?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-24-08 11:51 AM
  18. danlib21#CB's Avatar
    I can't seem to sign into Verizon's BIS site. It says "This device is not accessible through HTML. Please log into through your device's internet service." Anyone have this problem? All I want to do is remove the signature on my 8830!

    I have the same problem with my wife's phone. I was able to set my account up fine with no problems but with hers we keep getting that same error message. Does anyone know why?
    04-26-08 06:17 AM
  19. lfarmer's Avatar
    Thanks, I have tried for months with many calls to Verizon to do this. This post should be placed at the top of the carrier forum.
    04-26-08 07:44 AM
  20. katml's Avatar
    nevermind, it worked through IE, will not work through firefox!
    Last edited by katml; 04-27-08 at 02:51 PM.
    04-27-08 02:02 PM
  21. Zambi's Avatar
    On AT&T I tried removing the signature and and it gave me the 404: file not found error.

    Anybody else having problems with their At&t phones?
    04-27-08 08:17 PM
  22. parallax1's Avatar
    Many thanks... perfect instructions for Verizon
    05-13-08 09:03 AM
  23. kelann14's Avatar
    how do I add it (sent from my BB) so people will know Im not on my PC typing such brief emails with poor grammar and spelling? Im on Bell system in canada
    05-13-08 09:53 AM
  24. jtip1025's Avatar
    Glad I found this...I hated that signature "Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry." Worked great the first time!
    05-13-08 11:05 AM
  25. Mavix's Avatar
    Okay, just got a new BB Curve 8330 from Verizon yesterday.

    I've tried to follow the instructions and link for BES, but after entering my PIN and ESN number, a box came up saying I need to access via the BIS.

    Am I not doing something right? Did the knucklehead at the Verizon store upgrade me to all the proper services?

    Your help is greatly apprecitated.
    05-13-08 09:58 PM
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