04-07-13 06:19 PM
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  1. bigroy's Avatar
    none trying to get bis setup now as we speak
    07-13-09 11:49 AM
  2. Teek's Avatar
    I have 792 BBM contacts. But I'm in the music business so that's common in my world.

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    edit....I thought you were the other Daytona> Cipha Sounds
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    07-13-09 12:10 PM
  3. seanbee's Avatar
    I am at 45 currently
    07-13-09 12:15 PM
  4. djransom's Avatar
    I have a grand total of 7.
    07-13-09 12:27 PM
  5. sallyhats's Avatar
    I got 36, and don't you love it when ppl change their contact names from john to super duper king... That's the best, you no longer know who anyone is.
    07-13-09 12:36 PM
  6. Sameal's Avatar
    I have 16...and im very keen to make my BB an extension of facebook...where random ppl add you and you never speak to them !
    07-13-09 03:36 PM
  7. BBtoiPhone's Avatar
    about 128.. Everyone i know uses a bb... only talk to about 30 of them consistently
    07-13-09 03:58 PM
  8. greens601's Avatar
    I only have 10
    07-13-09 03:59 PM
  9. sosoqtpinoy's Avatar
    37 is my number
    07-13-09 04:46 PM
  10. Duvi's Avatar
    Currently... 43. I had more prior.
    07-13-09 05:09 PM
  11. jmore's Avatar
    Okay, so my list is up to 89 people. Which is great however, I know 2 of you added me from here. You could at least tell me you have when you add me... Send a message saying "JmorE this is _ _ _ _ from crackberry" it aint hard. lol.

    How's everybody else doing?
    07-15-09 02:59 PM
  12. boostnek9's Avatar
    Im sitting at 24!

    BBM is so efficient! I love it!
    I managed to convert my mother to a blackberry and use BBM! I lowered my text messaging plan and now i'm saving money...

    can't wait for the new BBM!
    07-15-09 03:19 PM
  13. rockigirl's Avatar
    12 contacts, 11 of those from CB. That seems like a lot!
    07-15-09 03:23 PM
  14. timd28's Avatar
    I've got 3!
    07-15-09 03:26 PM
  15. crackzilla's Avatar
    I've got 61 so far broken into 3 groups. "Gentlemen"/15 "Crackberry Mafia"/24 and "Ladies"/22. I luv BBM one of my favorite features of the BB. I have a Storm and YES i love it!!!
    07-15-09 03:39 PM
  16. jmore's Avatar
    Crackzilla, you gave me an idea breaking all my contacts down in groups. For some reason i never thought of that. But i know for sure my ladies list would out weigh them all. this is what i call "Blackberry Grease".

    I've got 61 so far broken into 3 groups. "Gentlemen"/15 "Crackberry Mafia"/24 and "Ladies"/22. I luv BBM one of my favorite features of the BB. I have a Storm and YES i love it!!!
    07-15-09 05:42 PM
  17. merlynpariah's Avatar
    I've got one lucky lady! And that's it.
    Feel free to add me

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    07-15-09 07:06 PM
  18. kiki.handayani's Avatar
    I got 32 buddies now.. but rarely chatting with them ^_^... Just collecting the PIN ... I prefer chat on YM than on BBM..
    07-16-09 01:56 AM
  19. TommytoInfinity's Avatar
    I'm at 23 contacts! =)
    07-31-09 02:56 AM
  20. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    I have a lonely 3. Can't figure out if its the widowed part or the Christian part in my sig.....
    07-31-09 04:01 AM
  21. Gruntle's Avatar
    Just 1. My buddy got a curve a few weeks ago and I picked up the bold last week.
    07-31-09 04:22 AM
  22. metroatlanta's Avatar
    i have about 11
    07-31-09 04:38 AM
  23. PHX8320ddp's Avatar
    one, that all I want.
    07-31-09 09:50 PM
  24. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    i only have 7
    07-31-09 10:04 PM
  25. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    I have a big fat 0. Everyone I know has dumb phones!
    07-31-09 11:00 PM
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