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    Hello I'm BB & CB additive user and need help from Team Crackberry forum.

    Currently, Myanmar Language is not included in any of the BlackBerry version.

    What I would need is to install the font which can read Myanmar language.
    For example - Zawgyi-one.ttf which we can install on windows.

    I do not require to have a full language pack at this moment as it is a huge things to process.

    I just need to install font so that I can read Myanmar Font on Website.

    Is there anyone who have experience with installing additional font or anyone who know the similar post, please do provide a link.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Finally, I can install Burmese (Myanmar) font on my BB by using FontCollection.
    You can download FontCollection from Crackberry App Store FontCollection - Utilities BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store
    or Blackberry App Store
    BlackBerry App World - FontCollection
    With version 2.4, two fonts are already included with the tag burmese (Zawgyi-one and Myanmar3)

    It is just 0.99USD and it is really great. you can add more font of your choice.
    Thanks FontCollection
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    hello ko thet naung, i can't find font collection app on bb appworld . plz , explain me how to install myanmar font on playbook.
    09-20-13 01:49 PM