03-14-12 06:29 AM
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  1. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    after deleting them to increase memory? I have an Pearl 8130 and I had a pre-loaded theme from sprint that I liked but when I was removing all the extra stuff I accidentally deleted it. Is there any way to just install that particular theme? The theme I'm talking about is a Zen theme with the black background and a yellow flower. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Deleted? When you do memory optimization, you "remove" the .cod files, you DO NOT delete them. For this reason. I'm not sure how you went about this, but when you get into the Java folder, you make a new folder. Then you move the unwanted .cod files into the removed folder. In which case you ever want to reinstall whatever you removed it's as simple as dragging and dropping them back into the Java folder from the removed one.

    You can check in the Apploader screen on the DM and see if it's there. If not, you will need to re-install the OS in order to get the theme back.
    09-21-08 07:41 AM
  2. Hoya94's Avatar
    Actually, when I upgraded to 4.6 version of the desktop manager, I was able to get all the themes back. So it all worked out. Thanks!
    09-21-08 06:26 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Unfortunatly, MaxMem is a one way street. You can remove themes but there is no going back.

    CX's advise applies to the Better technique of using BlackBerry Desktop Manager and tools like CrackMem. One major advantage, you can recover if you when too far.
    09-22-08 09:50 AM
  4. eparente's Avatar
    I installed and used MaxMem Yesterday and came across a problem.. I have upgraded to 4.5 OS. I deleted a bunch of programs using max mem, but now when I load up my Application loader to install another program, it has OS 4.5 Upgrade and its grayed out so I can de-select it and now if I run the Application program it puts everything I erased with maxmem back onto my blackberry!? Any ideas of what I can do?
    09-22-08 05:29 PM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    MaxMem is fine for users that do not have access to a computer to remove the pre-installed applications.

    When you do connect to a computer with the software installed, it will detect the missing samples and applications and restore them for you.

    The tool for this job is CrackMem. It is designed to work with the BlackBerry software, modifying it to your specifications.

    You will find a link to CrackMem in the "Better" section, right after the software installation instructions.
    09-22-08 05:55 PM
  6. mikew66's Avatar
    When I open up the app loader, it only shows third party apps. I have done this before and it showed all of the other things like languages. Any suggestions?

    09-23-08 03:56 PM
  7. jeffh's Avatar
    When I open up the app loader, it only shows third party apps. I have done this before and it showed all of the other things like languages. Any suggestions?

    It sounds like you have uninstalled your OS from your PC. This won't matter, as long as you don't need to run App Loader. If you still have the OS executable saved on your PC, you can double-click it to reinstall the OS. If you've deleted the executable in addition to uninstalling it, then you can perform the MOP that's linked in my sig. That procedure will guide you through downloading and installing the correct OS on your PC.
    09-23-08 04:22 PM
  8. mikew66's Avatar
    Got it. Thanks. BTW, I recently added a bunch of ring tones to my phone, which are saved on my memory card. I have now noticed my memory decreases very rapidly now and I have to do a battery pull pretty much every day now. Why would it affect the phones memory if it is saved on the card?
    09-23-08 05:06 PM
  9. jeffh's Avatar
    If they are truly on your media card, they should not affect device memory. You can check that by using Media / Explore. Check the Ringtones folder on both your card and device to verify the Ringtones are on the card.

    What else have you downloaded recently? Viigo, perhaps? It often shows up as being used by people with memory problems.

    Also, if you haven't done the Memory Optimization Procedure, you need to do so. You can find it easily in the forums.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-23-08 05:48 PM
  10. mikew66's Avatar
    I actually had to delete Viigo because it caused my phone to run out of memory by the end of the day. I checked and all of the ringtones are on the memory card except for the preloaded tones. Also, today I deleted bb maps and semetic characters and now the max memory went from 17 million down to 15 million, and it decreases pretty quickly every hour. Ill re-read the memory optimization thread and see.
    09-23-08 06:24 PM
  11. jeffh's Avatar
    You can't move the preloaded ringtones nor delete them, but they're very small, so they aren't hurting anything. When you're finished with the optimization, post the apps you have running. Somebody may recognize a problem app.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-23-08 07:22 PM
  12. kermalou's Avatar
    how do i find out what is really on the phone and taking up space?

    i dont have that many apps installed but my free space is only 4,000,000.
    09-24-08 01:59 PM
  13. jeffh's Avatar
    Options / Advanced Options / Applications will show you what is installed. You can also run the Desktop Manager Application Loader to see what's installed and how big it is.

    The best approach to managing your memory is to perform the Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig. That will help you systematically and safely eliminate the stuff you don't need.
    09-24-08 02:09 PM
  14. kermalou's Avatar
    Options / Advanced Options / Applications will show you what is installed. You can also run the Desktop Manager Application Loader to see what's installed and how big it is.

    The best approach to managing your memory is to perform the Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig. That will help you systematically and safely eliminate the stuff you don't need.
    Already done and with Crackmem I now have a whopping 17,000,000 free.

    09-24-08 02:33 PM
  15. coolbrett007's Avatar
    thanks that helped a lot!!
    10-08-08 06:08 PM
  16. maximuz08's Avatar
    thanks for this tutorial,i have been using it ,my BB become faster
    10-13-08 11:40 PM
  17. hrsjqb1's Avatar
    I am trying to asses what is a reasonable expectation for my new pearl's free file status It has been hovering around 12,000,000 bytes with very little loaded. I am running Google apps. Google maps and that is all. I clear the cache I removed blackberry maps, help, the sample video and a few other things. That I am still so close to the minimum operating size (12,000,000 bytes right) seems wrong to me. I just wiped the phone and with nothing on it I am sitting at 17,722,172 and the file total is 50,462,720 (what does file total relate to? is that total available space?) this seems really low to me but I am new and not sure. Verizon says I should be only running the 4.3 OS. What gives? is this normal? the phone is 3 weeks old so I have a few more days to perhaps move up to the curve which has more memory, but is this really what I can expect - that 65% of the total memory should be consumed by basic functionality?

    Thanks for any help.
    10-17-08 11:14 PM
  18. joe003's Avatar
    I have a new curve 8330.

    I followed all of the advice on clearing up memory.

    I installed a few apps to keep me busy, so they stayed.

    After all was said and done, I have 43199721 bytes free. Time to do some texting and emailing

    Thanks for the information!

    Here's a snappy:

    Last edited by sprint8330; 10-18-08 at 06:21 AM. Reason: Added snappy
    10-18-08 06:14 AM
  19. crackcherry's Avatar
    I removed all four of the VAD files as suggested in the beginning of this thread. It works great.

    I noticed additional VAD files in my Java folder on my pc. Some of them are:


    Im assuming those are different languages and I just wanted to make sure they are not installed in the blackberry. I dont want to go start deleting files without asking one of the pros. Any help is appreciated.
    10-18-08 09:53 AM
  20. jeffh's Avatar
    Your assumption that those files are additional languages is correct. Additional language files are not loaded on the BlackBerry unless you select that language. So there's no need to remove them.

    As a general caution, never delete any of these files. Just move them to another folder where the loader can't find them. That way you can easily put them back if you need to.
    10-18-08 09:59 AM
  21. hrsjqb1's Avatar
    I am trying to optimize the Free file space by following the directions in this thread but Desktop Manager V 4.6 does not seem to allow me to explore files the way the examples indicates. Is this because I am not in the process of actually loading a new OS? Is it possible to manage files through Application Loader DM v4.6 that way with out first uploading a new OS? Does that mean I should manage all of the files through the computer? (So many questions)

    I do not find the same directory that is indicated in the "Slightly More Difficult" section of the thread I find C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader (no "shared" file between RIM and AppLoader as indicated on page one of this thread) and with in that there are no *.COD files only a bunch of *.dll files. There is a "Loader.exe" file that is described as a "Handheld Application Loader WizardĒ is that what I need to manage through the wizard? Any thoughts on where to manage the files not addressed by the AppLoader Wizard?

    Some history here:
    I am a new BB user and until 2 days ago I had a Pearl 8130 which was giving me fits on File Free memory (see previous post from 10/17/08). I got fed up and moved up to the Curve 8330. Do the file configurations I see on my computer refer to my 8130, the 8330 or both? I did not run any sort of clean up process between phones.

    Thanks for any help.
    10-20-08 01:19 PM
  22. jeffh's Avatar
    It is not possible to manage files through the Desktop Manager App Loader until you have installed the OS on your PC. That's why you're not finding the directory structure the instructions describe. You must install the BlackBerry OS on your PC before you can modify it.

    If you haven't installed the 8330 OS yet, then any BlackBerry OS files already on your PC refer to your Pearl. If you no longer have the Pearl, you should remove its OS using Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.
    10-20-08 01:25 PM
  23. hrsjqb1's Avatar
    If I never loaded the Pearl OS either does that change anything? I assumed that loading the OS was only something I wanted to do as an upgrade but is sounds like I want to do it to do it no matter what. I assume I should download the OS that matches what I am currently running or intend to upgrade to, is that correct?

    Thank you so much for the help.
    10-20-08 01:53 PM
  24. jeffh's Avatar
    If you never loaded the Pearl OS, then there's nothing for you to delete.

    You need to download the current OS for your device to your PC and install it, even if you don't intend to upgrade it. You have to have the OS on your PC to perform the Memory Optimization Procedure.

    If you are going to upgrade your OS, you still need to download and install the original OS before you install an upgrade. In fact, it's even more important in that case, because if the OS upgrade goes badly, you want to be able to roll back to your previous OS. If you don't at least have it downloaded, you'll have a lot harder time recovering.
    10-20-08 02:08 PM
  25. hrsjqb1's Avatar
    When I first go this phone I was totally wowed by all of the cool posibilities. Now I have found a really great resource for maximizing its functionality, this site is great, a true application of the best intentions of the internet (information sharing). I am sure I will have more questions to come but thank you for the help to date, it has been very helpful.
    10-20-08 02:25 PM
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