04-06-20 06:39 PM
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    Hello all,

    I actually know how to make this all happen for you. I am not sure if big will be going into my office this weekend or not. I will post the tricks the next time I am in there. I honestly can't remember if you need the BlackBerry add on from your service provider or not. I am not using it. I really pressed tech support for this last fall and I finally got somebody to actually answer some questions. I set it up just because I was curious and wanted to experience it. I had it running on my phone for a couple of months and At some point when I installed a leaked OS I didn't go back to it. It was actually a little tedious at the time because the apps that were available were pretty limited. It's an interesting took though.

    I am going to have to be in front of my computer to be able to refresh my memory. BlackBerry was was offering 100 free licenses or something like that. If the licenses are not free anymore, I am open to providing a hosted service if there are enough people to make the costs reasonable for individuals to share the cost. It's probably free. There is just a lot of brain damage you have to go through to "connect the dots"...

    It seems like the business plan for BlackBerry on the servers is going to be more along the lines of selling the Tech support for truly enterprise users. Once I'm sitting in front of my computer it will come back to me.

    The only other boundary that I will throw out there is if it turns out that it is not free, and as a group we would like to host a solution, I'm not interested in making this a new business ve.ture for myself. I already have more than I can say grace over with my primary business. I'm pretty optimistic that it will be free and eschewing of b you get your own control panel which should make you feel safe that I'm not interested in your data. In fact the control panel doesn't even read any data from what I remember.

    The Balance service is a pretty cool idea and those of you that are serious about turning work off and going home to be with your families at night will find it useful.

    By the way... my name is Will

    Will. Z30
    02-27-15 06:56 PM
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    For those of you that are looking for a place to call or email and get your password..... you will actually create your own inside of your own control panel the control panel.

    Will. Z30
    02-27-15 06:59 PM
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    Good morning. I want to share an email I just received. It will shed some light on the nexus of this thread.

    I'm sorry I haven't gotten the instructions up yet. I had to wipe my boot drive on my desktop computer last week and I have been getting it all reconfigured. I will. Don it though. Bear with me.



    You are receiving this notice as a BES10 Cloud Market Preview participant.
    We are happy to announce the upcoming availability of BES12 Cloud! As seen in our recent press release, BES12 Cloud is expected to be available later this month. In addition, the BES10 Cloud Market Preview will be coming to an end on March 31, 2015. After this date, licenses will expire and you will no longer have access to the BES10 Cloud console; devices that are configured using BES10 Cloud will continue to work. Thank you for your interest, participation and feedback throughout the Market Preview!
    If you haven’t already received information about the BES12 Cloud product, you can sign up at www.blackberry.com/cloud to get more information about it, and be notified when it becomes available. Once launched, BES12 Cloud will have a 30 day free trial included. Note that you will need to de-activate any devices managed by BES10 Cloud before activating them in BES12 Cloud.
    Once again, thank you for your participation in the BES10 Cloud Market Preview. We look forward to working with you on future pre-prelease programs.

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    Will. Z30
    03-09-15 08:56 AM
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    am the same situation here.. cant set my phone coz it say need to activate the enterprise and contact my server provider ..
    how i get the enterprise activation password 4 my phone? am not using any plan pls help

    thanks and more power
    11-17-15 01:25 AM
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    Activation password
    01-27-19 02:07 PM
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    I erased all of my data in my blackberry , so now I need to enter a new activation password n activation server address under enterprise activation
    04-06-20 06:39 PM
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