02-19-14 01:43 AM
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    Well I figured it out for my particular situation. I had downloaded a free theme from the forum and was running the theme for quite some time. The name is "no name theme" because the developer didn't have a name for the theme when I downloaded. So I was thinking if I switched back to a stock theme it would work and it did. I had an explore option when the picture icon was highlighted in the media app. Show all was there and I was able to fine the pictures again. So if it is not working for you go back to one of the stock themes and try it again. You can even create a sub folder for your pics you want to hide. You have to hide the folder and hide the individual pics otherwise they will show up when all pictures is selected. Hope this helps some

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    06-02-10 06:51 PM
  2. Kinkelady's Avatar
    Your info was EXACTLY what I needed!! I was using the theme titled- "Reflect 7 Carbon" and apparently, it is missing icons for OS 5.0. I went back to a previous theme - "ClearView Tour" and now I have a "media" icon again! Worked PERFECTLY!!
    06-04-10 05:37 PM
  3. C3C1L14's Avatar
    That didn't work for me, but what I did was the same thing just went into my Files folder instead =] w/o this post, I wouldn't have figured it out =]] Thankss
    06-16-10 03:23 AM
  4. Whtny4sh's Avatar
    Doesn't work for the 8530 Curve. My pix have disappeared!!
    07-11-10 01:41 AM
  5. indie_user's Avatar
    07-13-10 02:57 AM
  6. handysand's Avatar
    thank you bro
    07-13-10 05:12 AM
  7. OhYeah1's Avatar
    07-18-10 01:00 PM
  8. bambino.'s Avatar
    i have a 9700 and hid for pictures by going to properties on each and filling the hidden box.

    but i dont have the explore option...nore when i press the menu buttom while in the media app it doesnt say unhide all ...please help
    07-19-10 01:10 AM
  9. jxhowell's Avatar
    I had pictures and videos hidden on my old Blackberry Curve. I upgraded to the new Blackberry 8530 Curve and when I go to properties(in the video or pic folder) it will not allow me to uncheck "hidden". How can I fix this?
    08-15-10 03:21 PM
  10. bcaines88's Avatar
    Has anyone figured out how to do this with os 5.0?

    I have a Curve 3G, and when I go in to explore, there is no "show hidden" option in my menu.. help!!
    09-12-10 08:21 AM
  11. eligrossmann's Avatar
    I have the new curve 8530 and the set up is completely different and i cant figure out how to unhide pictures on this one.. any tips?
    10-04-10 06:34 PM
  12. eligrossmann's Avatar
    i have i guess the new version of the 8530 curve and it doesn't look like the pictures above.. i cant unhide my photos.. any tips?
    10-04-10 06:37 PM
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    Hey everyone.. I followed the step by step guide and I did manage to find my pictures, but when I select "Unhide" it works, then I exit out and go back to it and it goes back to "hidden"
    Also, I received a text a couple weeks ago saying my pix place has been inactive for a certain number of days and log on in the next 30 or they'll all be deleted. But I have no pics in my online album...
    Should those pictures I found on my media card still stay there after 30 days? I'm scared they're gonna be deleted..

    my phone is the verizon Blackberry bold 9650 by the way

    I never purposely hid pictures either. Ever since I got this phone only like 100 uploaded onto my phone, then I updated my software to a different version, 6. something and even more pics were gone!
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    03-27-11 08:03 PM
  14. Kehindm's Avatar
    Am very happy now cos my pictures have been hidden for the past six month and I couldn't find them until now that I read this post. Thanks man.

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    05-15-11 04:26 AM
  15. sixstringsafari's Avatar
    How can you get pix off that came on it from Blackberry? I cannot delete them. It has a little yellow icon in the upper right of the pix & they are hoggin quite a bit of memory.
    BTW, I have a 9650 with Verizon.


    05-21-12 07:00 PM
  16. troubl3dman's Avatar
    Very good and thanks alot... I just checked I have 1,976 pictures on my media card..

    Can having that many pics slow down your phone? I take pictures of everything...I do nothing with them
    As long as pics are on the sd card, no, it will not slow down your BB....but the time it must take to find the pic you wanna send........WHEW!!!!!!!!
    07-09-12 01:02 PM
  17. sun3593's Avatar
    and what can you do if you don't delete any picture and you're missing it?
    12-09-12 01:54 PM
  18. sankalp menon's Avatar
    I tried it, and it worked with other folders, however, when i try to unhide the 'Home' Folder, the 'Hidden' check box is grayed out... So its not allowing me to unhide that folder, I was able to unhide the other folders by the same procedure that u mentioned.. But not able to unhide the 'HOME' folder because the 'Hidden' option check-box in folder properties is Gray and does not work...
    I use, BB Bold 9900.. Please help..
    01-22-13 01:11 PM
  19. andrewsmith500's Avatar
    Having same problem...thanks for the solution
    02-19-14 01:43 AM
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