02-19-14 01:43 AM
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  1. irishqt's Avatar
    Very good and thanks alot... I just checked I have 1,976 pictures on my media card..

    Can having that many pics slow down your phone? I take pictures of everything...I do nothing with them
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    08-12-09 05:16 PM
  2. JahSonDC's Avatar
    Highlight the folder and press menu then select Properties then uncheck the hidden box.

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    I did this and it will not allow me to uncheck the box... also when i go to look at the pic it reads: "unable to display file"

    help please thnx
    09-30-09 02:20 PM
  3. Matic386's Avatar
    I didn't know that U can do that LOL xD
    10-02-09 01:39 PM
  4. Socrates11's Avatar
    I had some pictures transferred at the Sprint Store from my old phone to my berry when I activated it and even using this tip I still can't find them.
    10-02-09 01:50 PM
  5. al0vefr0mab0ve's Avatar
    Oh wow, thank you! I was wondering how to do this lol. I hid a picture to experiment with the option, and then could never figure out how to unhide. Thanks to you!

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    11-02-09 02:18 PM
  6. FireGod5934's Avatar
    Why would a picture message say "content removed go online to retrieve". WTF isnt this thing supposed to be a "smartphone" and it cant recieve a picture???? And go online?? Online where to retrieve??
    11-02-09 04:35 PM
  7. bballthewayforme's Avatar
    I change the icon figure with my comp on some bb folders, no i am not able to move pix and/or delete pix on that particular folder, does anyone know why?
    11-02-09 10:26 PM
  8. vicvicvicn's Avatar
    it is so gooooooooooooooood
    11-05-09 05:23 AM
  9. scis30's Avatar
    i always created a folder for them, go to explore, and hide the folder. its easier for larger amts of pictures
    11-05-09 07:21 AM
  10. berryfrustrating's Avatar
    wow....had no idea this could even be done.
    11-09-09 03:13 PM
  11. yumyaw's Avatar
    I know how to hide pictures but how do you hide videos?
    01-30-10 01:07 PM
  12. lakyberry's Avatar
    How do I hide ptc ?
    02-11-10 06:58 AM
  13. Chrisy's Avatar
    Highlight Picture

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    02-11-10 07:02 AM
  14. lakyberry's Avatar
    Yea , but I still see it when I opet all pictures again .
    02-11-10 07:04 AM
  15. lakyberry's Avatar
    Woot .. No seriusly ,when I try to hide it its just won't work , and I open properties again and hidden is not on ..
    02-11-10 01:11 PM
  16. jboz333's Avatar
    OK I have a curve 8530 with os 5.0 but I can not find an explore option?
    02-26-10 07:51 AM
  17. knt544's Avatar
    Thanks! I was doing this using mass storage via a PC until now. Much easier now I know the menu.
    03-08-10 03:30 AM
  18. noangelx's Avatar
    None of this works on my 9700 Grrrr

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    04-01-10 09:10 AM
  19. boogz25's Avatar
    Thank you for this. I was going crazy looking for the pics that I hid earlier.
    05-06-10 12:30 AM
  20. offsamwhin213's Avatar
    Man Thanks for sharing
    05-14-10 12:49 AM
  21. aftiger30's Avatar
    thanks a lot.......
    05-18-10 12:19 PM
  22. Kinkelady's Avatar
    So has ANYONE figured out how to find your "hidden" pics if you"re running OS 5.0????? I don't even have a "media" icon anymore, let alone an "explore" option!
    05-26-10 12:14 PM
  23. cajunrph's Avatar
    Update for 5.0 on 9700 please.
    06-01-10 01:40 AM
  24. jaysheezy's Avatar
    good info on this, now if i could only figure out how to stop all my hidden pics from showing up in my all pictures folder
    06-01-10 07:25 PM
  25. cinghoa's Avatar
    On an 8530, I get to the list of pics, but have no option in menu to Show Hidden. Any ideas?

    Just kidding, show hidden is on menu prior to list of pics. Can't see the pics of the step by step at work.

    Thanks for the walkthrough.
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    06-01-10 09:03 PM
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