1. Xymox1's Avatar
    Im having trouble understanding how BIS decides to use wifi.. I have a 9930 thru Verizon and im on

    I have great wifi, I can browse the web at high speed. If I turn off carrier BIS might, or might not switch to WiFi. Then it might not stay on Wifi. Even tho using the browser works fine. SOmetimes it will stay on wifi for a bit, sometimes it wont even connect initially.

    If it is connected via wifi and I turn on the carrier it will immd switch to carrier and stay connected to it solidly.

    I swapped 9930. I wiped and tried it cleanly. I swapped out routers.

    If I try and force BIS by turning off the carrier its completly unstable using wifi. This is with full signal on wifi also using A, G and N..

    My curve on a different carrier works perfectly. BIS stays on wifi anytime I am connected to wifi.
    03-04-14 02:24 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi there, with my 9900, the BB 4 dots signal would jump from carrier 3G signal to the wifi, and stay that way until I get away from my home router. Make sure you have your service books up to date.
    03-04-14 02:53 PM
  3. Xymox1's Avatar
    So how exactly do I update service books ? Im on Verizon.
    03-04-14 03:21 PM

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