1. cartoonyworld's Avatar
    Dear Friends,

    I upgrade my firmware to and now the BB APP WORLD cannot be installed.

    I try to download it from the blackberry website, but didnt' work, it says " sorry, notice ........................."

    So does anyone know how this problem can be fixed>

    thank you.
    12-31-09 02:05 AM
  2. anon(67796)'s Avatar
    well i know no one uses .238...maybe thats one of the reason why people dont like it idk....what does the notice say?
    12-31-09 10:36 AM
  3. jackbox's Avatar
    Where are you located? If you are not in a supported country you can use javaloader to install it. Here are the files.

    1. Download atached zip file
    2. Unzip the files to your desktop (the archive contains three files).
    3. Copy the files net_rim_bb_appworld.cod, net_rim_bb_appworld_resource_en.cod and JavaLoader.exe to the C:\temp directory (easy to access that way).
    4. Start CMD (Windows Key + R and then type CMD). Type "cd c:\temp".
    5. Plug-in your BlackBerry
    6. Type: javaloader -u load net_rim_bb_appworld_resource_en.cod

    once done type next one:

    7. Type: javaloader -u load net_rim_bb_appworld.cod
    8. Reboot phone.
    01-01-10 04:51 AM