1. cgmcm6's Avatar
    How do I save my bbm convos so I can use them for proof in court? Is it possible to save them so there impossible to be altered and changed?

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    06-09-11 01:19 AM
  2. SaMaster14's Avatar
    1.) I've never tried it, but there is an option to email the chat (in which case you can email it to yourself and print it out). (press the BB menu button in the chat and select 'email chat')

    2.) you can take screenshots of the chat and send those images to yourself.

    3.) bring your device to court and just show your phone with the chat. (never been to court so I'm not sure if you can do that).
    06-09-11 01:31 AM
  3. sterling_bandit's Avatar
    lol take device to court. a good memory is an alternate storage media
    06-09-11 04:55 AM