1. BlackberryFan2009's Avatar
    How do i change BBM bubble colors?

    It seems since my BB 9900 update to OS 7.1, the BBM option to change colors for the bubble chat is gone. Anyone can offer any suggestions on how to change the color?
    03-28-12 03:25 PM
  2. Sarcasm Detector's Avatar
    It's under bbm > contacts > highlight contact > view contact profile.
    03-28-12 03:34 PM
  3. ronnel.gacutana's Avatar
    If your phone has just been upgraded to OS 7.1 it must have had an the BBM version that doesn't support the bubble color function. try visiting the Blackberry Appworld and download the most recent BBM version. Don't forget to back up your BBM contacts.

    Below is the link for BBM on Blackberry Appworld:

    Free BlackBerry Messenger - Download BlackBerry Messenger - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

    03-28-12 05:33 PM