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    I have ATT, people keep sending me their pin numbers to add them as a bbm contact and I am not sure how to do it. Could someone please explain what I am supposed to do to add bbm contacts??? thanks!
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    09-12-08 07:36 AM
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    Welcome to CB, check out the following thread about how BBM works

    09-12-08 07:43 AM
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    In BBM, hit add contact. If they're not in your address book go up to use once. Hovering on use once, hit the menu button and select request by PIN. Then just type in the PIN and send request.

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    09-12-08 07:44 AM
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    God, why can't BBM just have an option "add contact by pin". Seems like you have to be psychic
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    07-19-13 01:36 PM