03-03-14 07:43 PM
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  1. m.seif's Avatar
    Does pocket informant have a week view like I posted in my original comment? I'm really looking for that week view that shows the whole week blocked out. Just like my bold with OS 5.0
    Here is the week view of the PI. It has more details than the one you posted. Hope this helps.

    04-25-12 01:32 PM
  2. Ladobb's Avatar
    I also find this incredibly annoying. It was a perfectly usable and visible week view an a much smaller screen. And I really don't need font and icons to be 2x bigger than before. Did anyone contact RIM to try to get to an solution/software upgrade? Scaling the week view or just keeping it as it was on OS.5 should be one normal option in OS 7.1 calendar (BB Bold 9900)?
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    11-30-13 05:54 PM
  3. nycspaces.'s Avatar
    The problem with the Agenda view (pre 10.2.1.XXXX) is every time you go to create a new appointment it defaults to Midnight rather than tapping in the day view schedule for a time. Both are clumsy when compared to BBOS7 but adding the appointment in Agenda becomes a PIA when you are trying to quickly add something on the run, it seems to be better in the leak which at least set's the time on a future date to the "Working Hours -> Start" time and if you add an appointment for the same day it pushes it out to the next hour as a default, at least it's close to when you might be scheduling something.

    In the early releases i was occasionally adding appointments that would accidentally be scheduled for Midnight which was a huge problem.
    11-30-13 06:32 PM
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    PI is ugly but it looks very useful. Does it need to sync a separate database of appointment data? How is it syncing with Exchange? Is this web based? or an android sideload?
    11-30-13 06:33 PM
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    Yeah, I'm finding the calendar in os7.x worse that the os5.x I came from. Sure its easier to read but I'd rather have more info on the screen at one time.

    Just got the phone so I'll see how it goes and maybe buy an app if need be.
    03-03-14 07:43 PM
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