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    The internet got disconnected while I was updating my Torch's OS yesterday to (I think; I got a message on my Desktop Manager saying there was an update, and updated with my 9800 connected through USB).

    I had to do the whole thing again later on, and at first everything seemed OK, but then when I tried to open an app (XPRSS), it gave an error. I tried other apps, which seemed to be OK, and so I decided to delete it. But when I tried deleting, my 9800 rebooted by itself- but the problem is that it is stuck at rebooting ever since (6+ hours). It usually goes until the end of the "rebooting line" and gets stuck there. I tried both soft (ctrl+alt+delete) and hard (battery pull) resets many times, but without success. The reboot starts again, but then again gets stuck towards the end of the line.

    I had the "hourglass of death" about a year and a half ago, and at the time, I had to wipe the Bberry and reinstall the OS through Bberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK). I'd do the same thing again, and even have the instructions from Crackberry ( BlackBerry 302: A complete wipe and clean install of your BlackBerry OS | CrackBerry.com ) but since the phone never gets past the rebooting stage, BBSAK doesn't see the phone

    I'd appreciate any help/suggestions with this. I was planning to get a Q10 anyway, but I don't want to be without a phone for a month or so, until that comes out...

    Thanks in advance,

    03-28-13 12:53 PM
  2. fahar's Avatar
    DM can detect ur phone?
    03-28-13 01:36 PM
  3. edelivel's Avatar
    I think so, because I tried this:

    "I assume, since it's caught in a reboot cycle, when you connect to the Desktop Software it doesn't take a stable connection to reinstall your software?
    If that is case, remove your battery and keep it out when you connect to the Desktop Software. You will get a pop up that the device can't connect and there should be Retry, Update and Cancel buttons. Select Update and you will then be able to reinstall the current device software version.
    When the load is progressing, you will see a step that says "Wait for device initialization". At this point, insert the battery and the reload should complete."
    It is from here:

    Torch 9800 stuck in reboot loop - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    But it didn't work- the process got interrupted/stopped halfway
    03-28-13 01:45 PM
  4. fahar's Avatar
    U mean the internet connection not stable?
    Download the OS first,( BlackBerry - Desktop & Device Software Download Sites for BlackBerry users - US ) and install to ur PC...
    after that, do a total wipe to ur phone from WIPE COMPLETED app , very easy to use.. just connect ur phone with usb cable, and run the app.. wait until red light flashes twice , and the phone doesn't show anything ( black screen )..
    Restart PC,and install the new OS to the phone from app loader ( no internet requeried )
    Don't forget to backup ur phone first..
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    03-28-13 02:23 PM

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