1. bbzak's Avatar
    Hi guys n gals!

    As a very old fan of BBM, I have certainly coined up this many times in my mind: "How can we make BBM better?"

    It is a fact that there is no other platform/IM which is more better integrated and secure.
    Also, the efficiency of it is also the penultimate.
    Casual, social, professional or family, BBM suits and caters to all and well, nothing comes close.

    But as we know, there are few messengers coming up by imitating BBM and it's legendary features.
    Without naming any here, there are few occassions where people have started to think that BBM is now inferior to a few messengers in a way or 2. But of course, we all know it is due to the lack of experience and knowledge of how BBM works.

    So, coming back to the topic;
    What would make BBM the best I'm ever?

    From a pure wishlist point of view, what are the changes/additions/extras you wud like to see in BBM?

    Let's pour our minds out.
    Shoot it!
    And pray with full hope that RIM is listening.
    09-10-12 05:42 AM
  2. Ben1232's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to BBM video chat on BB10.
    09-10-12 06:17 AM
  3. bbzak's Avatar
    A few of thingys I wud like to see on BBM.

    1. Increased file size limit on transfers. Current file sizes for video and other formats are too low for this era.
    2. Increased time limit for voice notes. Current limit of 1 minute could be bettered.
    3. Video chat (ofcourse, we all know it is coming in BB10).
    4. Bigger BB Groups. Atleast 100 members please.
    5. Better interaction of BBM thru Bridge on Playbook. A bit full features, I mean.
    6. Cross platform messaging. Ok, this is a matter of debate. But what I mean is when we have such an excellent messenger app, why shud we rely to inferior cross platform messengers. So, there can be a way to message/chat with Android and iPhone users. Something similar to how sms contacts can be integrated into BBM. They won't have full features and efficiency of a BBM user, but limited access to BBM can be provided for them I assume. Or some method can be introduced thru which we can send and recieve messages via BBM to non Blackberry users.

    These are a few things which flashes in mind.

    What else would it be?
    09-10-12 07:58 AM
  4. bbzak's Avatar
    What does other crackberry addicts think about BBM becoming an all in one messenger. I mean it being able to present Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo!, Whatsapp, Viber all chats being displayed right in one single screen... ?
    09-10-12 07:15 PM