10-12-13 07:52 AM
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  1. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    Thanks chinesecatt for the software. It works fine too. $15 bucks is money well spent for that app. All of you are lovely, I'll tell ya!!!!

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    02-09-08 08:25 AM
  2. evl mnky's Avatar
    to answer my own qestion....

    yes, you still get charged....bummer
    question. If i set up my phone to block incoming SMS and MMS messages, will i still be charged for them?

    I dont have a text plan so its pay per use...
    02-09-08 10:21 PM
  3. Miss.Curve's Avatar

    You can call up your carrier and ask them to black that feature I know ATT/Sprint does. Onlt TXT you will get is the admin text.

    to answer my own qestion....

    yes, you still get charged....bummer
    02-10-08 01:53 PM
  4. evl mnky's Avatar
    i might have to do that, we'll see
    02-10-08 10:06 PM
  5. graysr's Avatar
    I have tried changing my firewall setting to block all incomming MMS, but as the other poster mentioned..they are just blocked and cant be retreived. Is there not a way, possibly a software option that would put these into some other protected folder instead?

    Also, regarding call barring, is there any way to select what calls are blocked, with an easy way to turn this feature off and on at will?
    02-11-08 11:28 AM
  6. TipTop's Avatar
    Does anyone knows how to retrieve blocked SMS messages once you disable that option?
    02-11-08 03:58 PM
  7. stevestrsbb's Avatar
    I wish the software was capable of forwarding different calls to different numbers Since your BB forwards calls to a VoiceMail box anyways, it would be great if you could set it up to say certain #'s went to the phone's VM, certain ones forwarded to your work phone & still other's wouldn't forward anywhere, giving a message "this customer is out of the service area"

    I know this is a pipe dream, but I really don't care about solicitors that leave messages and certain other select people I would prefer if they couldn't leave a message at all. They could call it the Blackberry Bouncer.. The muscle that screens your calls and boots the undesirables out of calling you or leaving a message!
    Its easy to do this but you need a 3rd party voicemail thought with toll-free virtual number. I got mine at Ringcentral.com. I researched them all and you get the best bang for your buck at Ringcentral. I use it just for VM on my BB 8800. I changed all my numbers (Busy, No Reply, and If Not Reachable, including speed dial #1) to dial my toll-free virtual number at Ringcentral. I paid 1 year advance for the professional plan = $10 month ($120 year), includes 5 extensions, 100 minutes + 6.7 minute additional, or you could just pay the $15 month-to-month price.

    Ringcentral toll-free virtual VM blows away the basic free VM we get with our carriers and gives us total control over who can get through to us, reveals who the caller is no matter what, etc. etc. Anonymous and Private Callers are instantly revealed once your phone sends them to your virtual toll-free VM at Ring Central. Its awesome! You could set up a special rule for all toll-free callers by typing in just the first three numbers of the prefix (IE 800, 877, 866, 888, etc...which is usually collection agencies or telemarketers) and then upload a .wav file file like this one that says your number is disconnected.....w ww.payphone-directory.org/sounds/wav/bell/disconnected.wav

    For a prank caller you would set up a rule for any one you wish because now you have their phone number even though they blocked it, its logged in your Ringcentral account on-line and so is their recorded voicemail (if they happend to to have left you one with a breathing message, or **** off messsage) You could go here
    w ww.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php (AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo )
    and make a text to speech .wav file and upload it to your Ringcentral rule specifically when the prank caller happens to call back again...say something like "Hey jerkoff, I know who you are, **** wad, scum bag, dirtball! The FBI is looking for your A ss" (and quote their phone number or better yet their address too using reverse phone lookup on-line in the white/yellow pages, or smartpages.com)...they will be totally in shock and awe asking themselves how in the "F" do they know who I am? They just got spoofed! Another funny thing you could do is to play the prank caller their message back to them since you have a live .wav file recording on your Ringcentral account. They would be blown away!

    I set up my Ringcentral alerts to push a .wav file to to email so I get it on both my desktop and BB (using BB POP option). This way I never use any minutes calling my voicemail...I just use the BB audio player to listen for free.
    If you don't have an audio player you could have a text sent to you instead. Another nice feature is that you authorize your mobile phone (and any other phones used to call Ringcentral to get your voicemail if you rather just call in). You do not need to enter any passwords or anything else....your messages just start playing (just like our wireless carriers do) when you call from an authorized number.
    You could also ring simultaneous to another location, or follow-me, find me, etc. etc. You could also upload a music on hold clip in a .wav file and your callers will hear that first...or if you wish you could ask your callers to find you by pressing another extension (If the call is critical or urgent) ...and set-up the emergency follow-me/find me extension to ring directly to one or more numbers....then take a voicemail if you don't pick up with where you are at that day or hour, etc.

    Everything you asked for can all be done with your Ringcentral toll free...and more. Your number can also be used as a fax too....sends to your email in a PDF format......if you had the iBerry or Antair software to handle the incoming calls loaded on your BB it would route those calls to dial your Voicemail number which would now be your toll-free Ringcentral number. Why route the private callers and unknows into your wireless voicemail when they could be sent to your toll-free Ringcentral account for proper disposal and handling?
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    02-12-08 12:19 PM
  8. lil_hood2011's Avatar
    how do u block a number on a blackberryy world
    02-14-08 12:31 AM
  9. sunkast's Avatar
    how do u block a number on a blackberryy world
    azeis answered this already in your other thread...
    02-14-08 12:42 AM
  10. schelle42's Avatar
    Is there a way to block one of your contacts altogether?
    03-10-08 12:03 PM
  11. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    thanks this is very useful
    03-11-08 12:11 AM
  12. feetr2c's Avatar
    Get your number changed? Not for me! I got a custom number years ago lol

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    03-11-08 10:44 PM
  13. lady_j10's Avatar
    Is there a way to block a Sender's email from being sent to my blackberry, but not from my mailbox?
    04-02-08 12:10 PM
  14. lush242000's Avatar
    I have the firewall enabled to block sms, mms, and pin messages. I know it list the number blocked and it on sms it is something stupid like 53. I have not been charged for these.
    04-02-08 12:21 PM
  15. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    04-02-08 01:20 PM
  16. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    How do you block incoming calls on the Blackberry 8830? I have a stalker, and it's getting really annoying to receive private number phone calls OVER< AND OVER AND OVER again.
    You should get YouMail.com, it's free, and you can set it up so that caller gets a "ditch" mail, that makes it look like your number was disconnected and no longer in service. =)

    If the caller is your wife, she won't buy it though, so you might have to really change the number. <snicker>

    If it's a guy, then just tell him you have decided you are gay. =)

    04-02-08 01:21 PM
  17. wirelessforever's Avatar
    Where do you find this iBerry Black & Whitelist
    I use Antair Call Screener. I've been very pleased with it and found that it works perfectly.

    The URL for Antair Call Screener is here ...

    Antair - BlackBerry Call Screener
    04-11-08 06:36 PM
  18. stewart's Avatar
    im not able to pin my pearl 8100 to another pearl 8100
    04-11-08 09:12 PM
  19. Pearl8120's Avatar
    the question i dont believe has been answered as of yet. how or is there a way to retrieve sms mms etc etc. if they were blocked?
    04-19-08 05:01 PM
  20. Tylerd's Avatar
    Can you block just one certain number from texting you? The only thing, os you still get charged.

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    04-19-08 08:28 PM
  21. flummox's Avatar
    I use the Black & Whitelist app but am not particularly happy with it. It doesn't screen sms's and that the main thing I find most harassing when it comes to annoying people.
    05-14-08 04:17 PM
  22. Blazinmixtapes's Avatar
    I called my carrier and disabled SMS. I have a BB thus I have email so why pay extra for a text plan ESPECIALLY when you get charged for incoming texts as well. Why pay $.20 because someone was bored and text "Hi" to you! If your device is not email capable then call me (and I'll shoot you to voice mail LMAO)
    05-26-08 12:42 PM
  23. axisavpc's Avatar
    here you go .......noob >lol< http**//iberry-black-whitelist.en.softonic.com/blackberry
    06-29-08 05:31 PM
  24. axisavpc's Avatar
    I am not aloud to post weblinks yet but if you can figure out the http colon thing you should be fine
    06-29-08 05:33 PM
  25. sorphin's Avatar
    unfortunately.. TMO will not block SMS on their end, whatsoever.. so about the only thing I can do is when i get an SMS every few months, complain and they give me 20 free ones to offset them, and i just let the free ones eat up the SMS's, because I don't text, and they won't block it.
    07-02-08 03:02 AM
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