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    Good day,

    I am new to BB world(new phone from work) and I am on the Rogers network which no longer offers the BIS web interface. My problem is when I set up my hotmail account on my bb. I don't get push email from Hotmail. It seems like my blackberry fetches the emails every 30 minutes instead of having them pushed. I have set up the account through the "BB hotmail setup account" on the BB. When I noticed it was not working as I wished, I deleted the hotmail account and used the imap info provided from Hotmail and set up the hotmail through IMAP on my BB and I still get the same problem. Any suggestions?



    I am using a BB Torch 9810 on 7.0.
    05-29-12 12:49 PM
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    There are 2 ways Hotmail can be connected to the BIS. The connection that your on offers more features like meeting invites and a few other things. The other connect is MMSP which is instant. Rogers used to offer both, not sure if they still do. There is e few thread about his already.
    05-29-12 02:37 PM
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    Why did Rogers get rid of the BIS web interface?
    05-30-12 07:33 AM
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    I have no clue why they would of got rid of it. From what I read from different forums, they felt like since you could do most of the functions from your phone, they did not need to keep paying to offer that service.

    Thank You
    05-30-12 01:47 PM
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    05-30-12 03:12 PM
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    Yes. It is the site but they no longer accept creation of new accounts. Only existing users can use it. When I called the Rogers Tech support, they advised me that they no longer create new accounts.
    05-30-12 05:53 PM
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    Well, that's really dense of Rogers.
    06-01-12 11:36 AM