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    I want to find a secure holster and protective case where the phone faces inward when holstered. Case mate looks like one option but the phone is not protected on the top and the guy who reviewed his on crackberry store said the leather wears. I don't need leather, hard rubber would be just as good. Maybe otterbox defender would be good but I couldn't tell from the photos I've seen, their website is not very good, it doesn't even mention that you get a holster with it.

    Can anybody recommend a tough combination that rides with phone totally covered and facing inward?

    Phone is 8900.

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    01-14-10 08:01 AM
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    Have you checked out the Otterbox site?

    Here's the link to the 8900 page.

    01-14-10 08:24 AM
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    LOL! I should have actually included the link. I'll try this again (with) the link.

    Unfortunately, I do not have enough posts to be permitted to include the link (in link form) in this post.

    Try this; www dot otterbox dot com slash search slash 8900

    Good luck,

    01-14-10 08:27 AM
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    01-14-10 08:31 AM
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    Guys, I mentioned I already checked the otterbox site. Their products may be good but their site isn't.

    Saw too many complains on here about siedio to be willing to take any chances on them until they clean up their act. As far as I could tell the holster cases on seidio don't cover the top of the phone.

    01-14-10 08:51 AM
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    seidio innocase II + spring clip holster + charging dock is a great combo. I got that when I had my 8900. The case cover the top of the phone but there are cutouts so you can sill press the top buttons.

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    01-14-10 12:33 PM
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    I have a defender series for my bold and it ois an excellent product. A little bulky, but completely wraps the phone. Does face inward when holstered and protects the device very well.
    01-14-10 03:41 PM
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    thanks for the update, I'll probably get one. nothing but positive comments on the defender.
    01-14-10 03:47 PM
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    The seidio innocase and holster would be perfect for what you're looking for. The case doesn't add much bulk at all to the phone.
    01-15-10 07:07 PM
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    Thanks, I'll look again, but I'm really wary of seidio after seeing the posts on here.

    I will probably go with 2 cases, the otterbox when I am doing outdoor stuff, the case-mate for everyday use.
    01-16-10 12:54 PM