1. vicanwin's Avatar
    I am synced via IMAP with my Gmail account on my BB 9360. On Gmail I have set up a Folder and filter to direct all "listserv" messages I receive to a special folder. The folder updated on my BB automatically and is also storing messages there. The problem is that the messages are also showing in my mail email box. In settings I have "Hide Filed Messages" checked.

    Is there anyway to automatically hide these new listserv messages in the general inbox? Even after I read them, and then force reconcile, they still exist!

    01-03-13 04:04 PM
  2. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    Are you reading them in the universal inbox or the specific inbox for gmail (small globe at the bottom of the icon)? Gmail 'folders' are only supported in the gmail specific inbox where the enhanced gmail plugin is active.
    01-04-13 02:00 AM

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