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    I'm tired. Tired of seeing all the new stuff for the 5.0 os and being left in the dust. I have an 8330m and I am officially calling all the crackberry elite to join together to bring us a modified radio file. I can do most of the work. **** I'll prolly do most of it even if it takes me the rest of the year I'm gonna have 5.0 on my m dangit. So here goes...

    I need a place to start. was gonna first check the diff between the esn file and the meid files.

    2. figure out what code enables 5.0 to run on an esn and not the meid.

    3. run countless code tests to make an meid "think" its an esn device, or find a string that will enable a 5.0 update.

    4. test test test

    5. submit for user acceptance

    6. GLORY

    anyone willing to help out? like i said i will do the grunt work just need some guidance from those who have experience as this is the first time i'm gonna mess with the bb o.s.
    04-02-10 02:30 PM