1. Suraine's Avatar
    Ok so, I kept my Blackberry 9900 in a safe place. I haven't used it for maybe 2 months. Its not damaged. The battery broke so I took it out and threw it away.

    Yesterday I got a new battery but when I try and use the phone it starts rebooting, about 2/3 then it gives me a white screen. No error messages, just a blank white screen. My friend has the same phone and his phone also froze where mine freezes. (Before the screen goes white) it usually takes a few seconds then it continues to do its thing. Mine just goes white. So I really believe its a glitch or something. I tried using the Desktop Manager and it says I don't have the software for the device. I'm trying do download it now. I've also tried the whole Apploader thing but I don't have the software.

    I want to try and wipe or reset the phone, by updating it.
    I know its not a screen issue.

    Can someone please explain to me what I should do, in baby steps LOL. I'm really stuck and so frustrated because it worked fine not too long ago. And, I've no idea how to do this.

    Once i get the software, what should i do? Will it automatically place itself or should I delete files or move them around.

    Please, I'd REALLY appreciate any help.
    12-21-13 06:03 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Download the OS install it on your computer. Open DM and if the OS is from your vendor it should give you the choice to update it. If not and the OS isn't from your carrier you'll have to search for vendor.xml, 1 or 2 of them before it'll find it and delete them.
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    12-21-13 06:35 AM
  3. Suraine's Avatar
    Thank you so much. It showed up and I'm busy updating it now. I hope it works.
    12-21-13 08:52 AM

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