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    I got a BB for my wife and I tried to set up her free yahoo (not plus) email account but even thou the address and the password were correct, it would not let me add it. It just gives me a message that the username or password was invalid.I have tried setting it up from the computer and the BB itself with no success.

    I had to sign her up for a free gmail account in hopes that I would be able to forward her incoming mail from yahoo to gmail. Gmail was able to import all of her past emails from yahoo. Gmail also gave me the option to import all the new incoming email from yahoo for 30 days but this is not working. her new emails are not showing up in he gmail account.

    I am very frustrated with yahoo. I have read comments that setting free yahoo on a blackberry is possible and other saying that I need to pay for that.
    01-14-10 11:25 AM