1. vman88's Avatar
    This is what happened:

    We were changing mail servers to Outlook 365 cloud. So my IT guy wiped my blackberry (was that even necessary?). Before that I backed up with BB software. Full backup.

    After wipe IT guy put in the new BES settings.

    After that I ran the restore from backup. The only thing it restored was messages and outlook stuff. Everything else was gone:

    1. My application data. This is particularly annoying as it included software for flashcards with about 1000 flashcards that have gone missing now. The restore only brought back the application as if it was entirely new. Data I had created is gone.

    2. Whatsapp gone completely.

    3. Facebook requires full new setup.

    4. BBM contact list gone. Lucky I had run a separate BBM backup as a friend recommended.

    5. Password settings gone. Theme gone. Etc etc

    Am I missing something here?? What is the point of the restore when nothing is restored?

    I can of course set up 2.-4. again. Of course I have no better use for my time.

    But how about 1.? Where did that data go? Did the so-called "Full Backup" not pick it up?

    Any chance to recover?

    Appreciate your help on this matter.

    06-19-12 03:39 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    When you reinitialized with BES it should have restored all your data. Restoring from your own backup is still possible, but could funk up things. I'd ask them to initialize you once again.

    A full backup doesn't include 3rd party apps. There are many ways to back them up, but the only way you'll get them back now is to download them all again. Next time, try:

    06-19-12 06:52 AM