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    I just recently upgraded to a Bold 9900 and am using it in conjunction with Device Manager

    I have numerous sub-folders in my corporate outlook that I filter email into and then some of them I subsequently sync to my Bold (these filters are needed as I get 5000 new emails a day). With my old Bold 9870 and old version of Device Manager I was able to pick and choose which Outlook folders I wanted to sync to my device. On this new version I cannot pick and choose anymore from what I can see. I have new folders (and filters) I created today that I would like forwarded to my device.

    Does anyone know how to pick and choose outlook sub folders to synchronize with the device?


    (PS: I did search but could not find what I was looking for)
    04-03-12 12:34 PM
  2. LuvULongTime's Avatar
    OK, I figured it out.

    I used to always select folders to sync from within device manager, but it looks like with V6 of device manager this functionality has been removed (not sure why RIM would do this, but anyway). To select sub folders to sync, go onto your actual device and:

    1. select the email icon
    2. select the menu button
    3. select options
    4. select email preferences
    5. select the menu button again
    6. lastly select folder redirection

    Here you will see your corporate inbox and all sub folders. You can highlight the ones you want to go to your device inbox.
    04-03-12 02:41 PM