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    First time on the forum so hope this is post is all ok!

    I have a Curve 8520 on OS 5.0, and I have an iPad 2 on iOS 5.1.

    I've just entered all my work dates for the summer into my iPad calendar and wondered if I could sync them all to my BlackBerry? Don't want to have to enter all the dates into my phone.

    04-19-12 05:59 AM
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    Hi, I have the same situation and here's what I found through experimentation. First I will describe what I am working with. PC with MS Outlook 2007, Blackberry Torch 9860, iPad 3 (the new one.)

    I use Bby Desktop to sync the Torch with Outlook
    I use iTunes to sync the iPad with Outlook
    I couldn't find anything to sync the iPad and Torch directly -- that's what I really need!

    You can create contacts on any of the devices and sync with the two others.

    You can create Notes (Notes in Outlook, Notes in iPad, Memo Pad on Blackberry.

    You can create Calendar entries on Bby and Outlook and sync with each other and with iPad, but you CANNOT create calendar entries on the iPad and sync them with the Bby and Outlook

    If you find that Notes and Memo Pad are too "lightweight" then your only option I know of is Evernote which is available for PC, Bby, and iPad. I prefer Notability on the iPad, so I had to sacrifice the syncing

    NOTE: I just read a comment in an iPad forum that gmail calendar seems to sync with all three with a minor complication with all-day events showing up on the Bby.

    This is, of course, why people have an iPhone, iPad, and iMac ...
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    Its a hard cookie to connect Ipad directly to BB for me too

    As far as I found out; everything you can do is from your PC. You can sync your calendar/tasks/contacts on your iPad and Outlook via Mail Exchange by default (guess there are other possibilities other than mail exchange).

    On the other hand it is possible to sync BB (contacts, calendar, tasks,...) to PC or Outlook via Blackberry desktop manager (in left panel click Organizer - check the task(s) you need and configure setting(s)). Downside is you have to connect regularly (USB cable, Bluetooth, etc.)

    enjoy your syncs
    03-24-13 10:19 AM