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    I think i bricked my phone. Yeah I am a noob however I tried to install Irethun's v7.12 hybrid on top of the leaked .230 OS.. i dont think it worked right because when it booted up.. there was no home screen or icons.. its was just a list that you scrolled down on. So i wiped it with BBSAK and now its saying when i reboot the phone Reload software.. but now when i try anything it doesnt connect first.. but yet when i go into the application loader wizard and try to update the phone it says the application "Email Setup Application" cannot be loaded because some required files are not available. I just wanted to have version .230 installed with the hybrid on top of it.. but obviously i did something wrong. Why wouldn't the home screen have came up with icons and a colored background? it was white with a scroll down list? ANybody who can help me and has yahoo messenger or MSN messenger.. please let me know. Thanks. Oh btw.. i have a tour not a curve with verizon.. i havent changed that.. im with alltel now.
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    12-08-09 10:16 PM
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    I would say try reading through this and see if it helps.

    12-08-09 10:30 PM
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    see mine connects and all.. but the email application setup is not there and it wont install..
    12-08-09 10:55 PM
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    Have you tried doing a battery pull?
    12-08-09 11:36 PM
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    No luck.. man.. no body else has had this problem.. what could i have done wrong.. hondateg do you have yahoo messenger or msn?
    12-08-09 11:45 PM
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    Can you follow the nuked blackberry guide here is the link, if bricking a tour is the same as wiping the device the fix is very easy, and you should have a stock OS installed on computer so you can use that to load onto blackberry, install 4.7 something. Here is link

    Nevermind already posted, check bbhybrids to find a guide on how to fix it.
    12-08-09 11:57 PM
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    is there a place to download the email setup .alx file?
    12-09-09 12:22 AM
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    hondateg do you have yahoo messenger or msn?
    No I dont use them.
    12-09-09 12:24 AM
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    Appreciate your help guys.. figured it out. If i reinstall .230. i hope i get the hybrid right this time.
    12-09-09 01:45 AM
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    i bricked it again.. man i cant figure it out ugh!
    12-17-09 03:48 AM