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    I have a question about bbm on my pearl. For a long time I have been having this annoying issue. My bbm is working with no problems and then all of a sudden it will receive a new message but will not let me read it. On my messages folder on my homepage I can see the first bit of the message, but when I click on it to read it, it will not show up in the conversation I am having with my contact. Usually I just delete some pictures and it will start working again, but now I cannot fix it. I deleted most of my pictures and all of my e-mails and all extra applications, but it still is not working. The other thing is that I can still read some of my contacts messages, but not all. Anyone have any advice?

    Thank you so much!

    - frustrated blackberry user
    01-05-10 08:02 PM
  2. Asko's Avatar
    I unfortunately have the same problem and was hoping I'd get help...
    01-06-10 04:37 AM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Other than making sure you have as much file free memory as possible, at least 12MB, I'd suggest reinstalling BBM.

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    01-07-10 12:58 AM
  4. Asko's Avatar
    Hi BBW

    Thanks, i have enough memory and when i try to reinstall it tells me that my device cannot support the upgraded version
    01-07-10 07:18 AM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    What OS are you on Asko?
    01-08-10 06:09 AM
  6. arjang's Avatar
    Try installing after a battery pull. Memory leak is causing the message, most likely

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    01-09-10 12:17 PM
  7. bikeng's Avatar
    What's your pearl OS version. Mine is, i had upgrading my BBM up to the latest version for now .57 and it's working perfect.

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    01-10-10 11:33 AM