1. adriantanpt's Avatar
    Hi there guys,

    Well basically I just changed network from T-mobile UK to Vodafone UK. During the porting process, I now can't receive messages from BBM contacts outside of UK? Messaging people with BBM in UK works fine though.

    All the international contacts on my BBM are like "pale", "transparent" if you know what i mean? And I can send them BBMs - it says Delivered but my friends overseas says that they've read it but when they try to reply - it gives them the "X" symbol. I tried readding as well but it doesnt go through.

    I tried calling Voda but they can't help and say the BBM service from their end is working alright. This has been very frustrating and can't find any solutions online as well. Any help/suggestion guys?

    05-31-12 05:31 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    05-31-12 11:23 PM