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    anyone please help. ive had my tour for awhile. im not overlooking anything. i use bbm 5, frequently and have never had a problem. recently i was invited into a group chat by one of my contacts in my contact list. i did not know any of the other people in the chat room. i was in for only a few minutes, hated it, and ended the chat. and fully exited and the chat no longer exists. BUT in my messages folder, all of the people's names, the people i didnt know, are listed with the blue bbm logo in front of the name, with a blank bar under them. i can not open a chat with them. my bbm chats are not listed in messages, that box in the options of bbm is unchecked and always has been. this happened a week ago and will not go away, even with delete prior and battery pulls. one box listed is 'empty chat', along with 7 people that i do not know, are not in my contact list on bbm or phone numbers or anywhere. like i said, it only exists in my messages folder, which it shouldnt since that box is unchecked in my bbm options. its only names and can not be opened. please make it go away!
    01-16-10 02:47 PM