1. midstrike's Avatar
    For people who are having a problem with Blackberry Messenger after installing 5.0...

    As for a lot of you, my BBM also deleted itself when I installed 5.0 but I found an easy way to get it back. Go to your Browser, type in the address "mobile.blackberry.com", then click on "Blackberry Messenger" underneath the New section. Then just download it again like any other application.

    For some reason I couldn't re-install BBM from App World but this way definitely worked. Hope this helps everyone.
    10-21-09 11:59 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    for most people that have this "it deleted BBM" issue, its usually just the icon disappears. another reboot usually gets the icon back.
    10-22-09 08:42 AM
  3. cloudberry's Avatar
    but nobody know d reason of it's deleted itself...

    currently i'm running OS i'm using curve 8320. i don't want to download d official BBM 5.0 because couple month ago i tried to download the leaked version and my BBM icon missing including the contact, reboot, battery pull can't restore it back...so i'm very reluctant to download.

    but this evening suddenly there's a new icon on my bb, it's browser icon but the word is "upgrade blackberry messenger" instead of "browser". my friend told me i have to download, if i ignore it, within few days, my old BBM will stop working...

    advise anyone?
    10-23-09 12:16 PM
  4. jeffas's Avatar
    i tried updating my bbm, then it said i had to restart my phone, after the phone restarted. my bbm, app world and facebook was gone, ive tried downloading it from the browser but it wont work, help???
    10-02-12 05:42 PM