1. jenzjen's Avatar
    I love this new option in the main message application, but it is not working consistently. Here's the issue:

    Say I get 3 emails with the same subject over the course of a day. I've read and deleted the first email no problem. Sometimes - it isn't consistent - when the 2nd email comes it, the 1st one re-appears and when I delete the 2nd email, the 1st email stays in my message view (even though it was deleted hours ago). From here, the only way I get the 1st email to disappear is to go back into settings, select "single messages", exit back out to the message view and then go back to options and re-enable "group by subject."

    As I wrote, it isn't consistent. Sometimes the emails all stay gone, so I'm trying to see if anyone has this issue and knows how to avoid the older emails from reappearing.
    10-02-10 02:00 AM
  2. Morten's Avatar
    An old subject, but, I am now starting to experience this very same issue on my 9900 after installing OS 7.1... Very annoying

    Did anyone ever find solution to this?
    04-29-12 08:56 PM