1. rYugen's Avatar
    Ok this is interesting AND pissing me off.

    I've got a little problem with google Sync. This is actually the only way to add multiple calendars from google to my BBBold9700.

    But it's not working! What I've tried so far:

    deleting everything by unsyncing my gmail account in BIS - CHECK
    tried syncing the calendar through google sync afterwards -> Didn't work (only random appointments were added)

    Deleting every calendar item through Desktop Manager (disabling wireless sync before) - CHECK
    then tried syncing with google sync - Didn't work again

    Now I've read there are problems with actually using @gmail.com and @googlemail.com

    Tried both. No luck.

    Weirdest of all: The Boxing day calendar from GMAIL syncs perfectly.

    Is there ANY insight or ANYBODY who got google sync working for them perfectly with multiple calendars?

    Thanks already. And please help since it's quite important to get that functionality.

    - Rob
    07-10-12 10:22 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    Every time I've used Google Sync to sync multiple calendars, it's always worked the same... flawlessly. When you open GS, click menu, Options, scroll down to Sync these calendars. This is where I had my learning point:

    GS, by default, only shows your primary calendar. To see the rest you highlight then click on the primary calendar. that next page will show all calendars you have for that account. Simply check or uncheck as needed.
    07-10-12 02:32 PM
  3. rYugen's Avatar
    Hey there - that's what I did.

    I've got a shared calendar with my girlfriend and if I sync it through Google Sync sometimes it just starts randomly in january 2013 with all my appointments which just seems so random.

    Does it sync everything instantly when you sync through google sync?

    And did you turn off BIS Syncing completely?
    07-10-12 06:50 PM
  4. rYugen's Avatar
    Sorry for the double posting -

    After syncing, deleting, syncing, deleting - sometimes deleting the whole mail account from BIS it finally started working.

    Basically my setup now is:

    BIS: no contact sync, no calendar sync
    Google Sync: no contact sync no calendar sync
    Contact sync only with outlook AND outlook gets google synced as well.
    07-12-12 04:13 AM