1. bsannich's Avatar
    i've had my google apps email set up on my 9810 and now 9900 for months with no issues. yesterday, out of nowhere, my 9900 was telling me my password was invalid (even though it wasn't).

    i ended up getting new application-specific password from google, and that fixed the issue. my email account validated, and my inbox was up to date again. problem solved (temporarily).

    this morning, i wake up, and the same thing happened. password invalid. i requested another new application-specific password from google, but it didn't work this time. i also deleted that email account from my 9900 and tried to add it again. it won't let me get past the initial screen where i have to enter my password (because it thinks it is invalid).

    any suggestions? thanks,

    06-09-12 09:37 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Moving to Native Apps
    06-10-12 11:46 PM