05-23-14 03:56 PM
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  1. jerseygirl399's Avatar
    I was dumb and figured it out. In case anyone else has trouble...

    If you change your device, you have to go into your BIS tool and update the PIN and ESN of your new device. Once I did that, it started working, no problem, and kept the filter that I had before. Hope that helps!
    05-14-08 06:12 PM
  2. MCBerry's Avatar
    ok i was sending myself copies of my bb sent emails. so i did as forum suggested and added said filters. But i still got copies when i was sending emails from my mac at home. BTW i have a 8330 with verizon. I fixed the problem--> after you add said filters, you MUST under "when no filters apply", check the "dont forward to device." and it SHOULD WORK GREAT. NO COPIES ANYWHERE.
    05-15-08 02:17 AM
  3. latina berry's Avatar
    Great post.
    05-15-08 04:55 PM
  4. robotrapture's Avatar
    yeah, I'm having that same problem as well-I tried going to the verizon website from both my computer and my BB but neither worked-
    when I did it on the computer, it said I had to access the link from my BB
    when I tried going to it on my BB, i paste/type the url you gave us, hit enter/go but it just does the 'requesting' loading bar, then sends me back to the home page

    is it me? my BB? the link? or aliens!?
    05-15-08 06:32 PM
  5. saint#CB's Avatar
    Let's just assume you are using GMail. You have to create a filter on your BIS account, to say "anything from Me / my email address", don't send to handheld...
    Sorry, but.....I recently got a BB curve with Rogers here in Toronto. I do not have any company e-mail addresses, just a gmail account which I usually access from my home computer, and now also a new blackberry e-mail address. Can't figure out how to stop getting all of these e-mails "from myself", even with all of everyone's instructions in this thread. any hope for me, a non-techy-type of guy?
    05-16-08 07:15 PM
  6. drusselljr's Avatar
    i cant do this and i have the sprint bb curve ? i followed steps as stated above and it didnt work for me.....

    can someone help me ?[/I][/B]
    05-19-08 11:30 PM
  7. robotrapture's Avatar
    please please please can somebody help us last three posters? This really is clogging up my BB and i know there must be a way to stop it. Is the VZW curve too new for these directions to apply? the link wont work on my blackberry and my carriers website instructed me to do it over my phone.

    05-21-08 05:37 AM
  8. yogadude's Avatar
    Thank you... thank you... thank you!!!
    05-21-08 05:24 PM
  9. megscd's Avatar
    All this info is really helpful, but like others I can't get this to work. I have Sprint, and I haven't seen many other Sprint users. I set up my mail accounts from my Pearl, and when I try to log on to the Sprint BlackBerry Internet site to manage my e-mail from my computer, I can't do it. I had my password sent to me to verify, and I'm using the right one. Is there a Sprint-specific problem with using the PC Web site rather than the WAP one to manage e-mail settings? Thanks for any help!
    05-22-08 08:55 AM
  10. Funkleberry's Avatar
    I am brand new to the BB family (by about a week) and am enjoying every minute of it. The gmail thing was VERY frustrating, but thanks to this site, forum, thread, user I got it taken care of.

    I look forward to more tips and tricks as I learn the ins and outs of my new BB Curve!
    05-22-08 06:05 PM
  11. megscd's Avatar
    I found the answer to my Sprint question but am not allowed to post URLs. Bah! So...go to the regular sprint site slash websetup, and you can log in from there. Works great! Thanks CB for letting me use gmail from my Pearl.
    05-23-08 08:31 AM
  12. ClassaN0va's Avatar
    thanks alot!
    05-23-08 01:52 PM
  13. got_kickz's Avatar
    Been trying to figure this out for a while. Thanks guys!
    05-24-08 08:07 PM
  14. jasonb#CB's Avatar
    thanks so much for this info!

    A little advice though, to people who want to be able to receive emails they send to themselves:

    the filters seem to work on a first created, first applied hierarchy. To receive emails you send to yourself:
    (note: delete the filter described by naviwilliams first, or else this won't work!)
    - the first filter you create (name it "self" or whatever)
    - for the "Apply filter when:" field put: "To" field
    - for "contains" put: your email address
    - then select "forward messages to device"

    then recreate a second filter as described in this thread by naviwilliams

    the first filter makes sure that emails sent to you (even by yourself) gets to you
    the second filter makes sure that emails from you don't get sent to you, but as the first filter works first, it acts before the second filter stops your self sent email.
    Make sure that the filter I described is the first one you make though! If you make this filter after, it won't work!

    Kinda weird logic, but it works for my phone! I haven't had a duplicate email sent to myself, but I can still send emails to myself!
    05-24-08 08:16 PM
  15. slim409's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this. It has been driving me crazy and now its fixed.
    05-25-08 02:01 PM
  16. brian corcoran's Avatar
    I tried to go to the link provided to ATT which is my carrier. No matter what, if I go to log in, I am denied. I get a message "your account is not accessible via HTML browser. please use your devise to access Blackberry Internet Service"

    I too am trying to get rid of the additional e-mails sent to myself everytime I send an e-mail from my Blackberry.

    Thanks you...
    05-25-08 09:55 PM
  17. danpass's Avatar
    the boss was having an issue with this, thanks for the solution
    05-25-08 10:01 PM
  18. danpass's Avatar
    I tried to go to the link provided to ATT which is my carrier. No matter what, if I go to log in, I am denied. I get a message "your account is not accessible via HTML browser. please use your devise to access Blackberry Internet Service"

    I too am trying to get rid of the additional e-mails sent to myself everytime I send an e-mail from my Blackberry.

    Thanks you...
    I had this issue when I got my BB.

    I had to call ATT and set up a user name for desktop access.

    Turns out that your BB email and this html account user name are two separate things. So your BB email is NOT automatically the user name.
    05-25-08 10:05 PM
  19. rockigirl's Avatar
    awesome post. solved my problem and now no longer frustrated. Yay! Thx!
    05-25-08 11:54 PM
  20. zclark918's Avatar
    I'm also having trouble doing this with Sprint. What's the link?
    05-26-08 11:10 AM
  21. jp2378's Avatar
    This problem has been bugging me for a while..

    I have everything set up on my bb for 2 separate Gmail accounts. There aren't any options for filters with the bb browser. When logging in on my pc to the Sprint site, I keep getting username and password errors. Incorrect password and an account already exists with my name (obviously). So I'm getting nowhere.

    Anyone get this to work thru Sprint? I'm really not in the mood for CS right now lol
    05-26-08 11:51 PM
  22. tomvb2000's Avatar
    Logging into the sprint bb site mystified me at first as well. Try using the google account name for the first email registered-that's what worked for me. HTH

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-27-08 08:39 AM
  23. catalyst81's Avatar
    I just got it to work with sprint. Unfortunately you may have to get help from CS which is what I had to do. It was pretty painless though. I kept getting the same errors as you. I went to sprint.blackberry.com and had the CS rep. reset my password. After closing the web browser and then going back to the site I was able to login.

    Hope that helps.
    05-28-08 09:24 PM
  24. jerthorne's Avatar
    I don't have a Blackberry Enterprise Server at my work and simply need to create a filter to stop sending my sent items back to my email. I'm not able to do it through T-Mobile's site and I can't login to the Blackberry site. Something's not right. Help please.
    05-30-08 09:22 PM
  25. grady0706's Avatar
    This same thing has been driving me nuts also. I think I just found the easest option to fix this nerve racking problem. Open your email on your Blackberry and push the BB button and go to options then go general options next go to display and then go to hide sent items change to yes and you are all set. When you send a message you will see the message in your inbox for a few seconds and then it disapears. EASY AS THAT i HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE FROM NOW ON WITH THAT PROBLEM
    05-30-08 10:07 PM
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